LoopMe Integrates with Adverty to Expand Access to In-Game Inventory

LoopMe Integrates with Adverty to Expand Access to In-Game Inventory

LoopMe is pleased to announce a new partnership with Adverty, giving LoopMe advertiser clients worldwide access to Adverty’s in-game inventory, increasing reach and brand uplift for clients whilst respecting the gaming experience. 

Adverty is a leading in-game advertising provider and creator of the programmatic In-Play ad format. Its revolutionary and multi-patented In-Play viewability technology is the only solution on the market in line with the recent in-game viewability measurement guidelines set by the IAB and the Media Rating Council.

LoopMe’s research into mobile gaming habits and preferences found that 62% of consumers play games on their mobile devices, with 76% playing more than an hour per day. As mobile gaming continues to grow in popularity, with Statista’s calculations putting the number of gamers at 3.2 billion in 2021, LoopMe sees in-app mobile gaming becoming an increasingly key component of the marketing mix. 

View Adverty’s announcement.

LoopMe Joins NBCU Certified Measurement Partner Program

LoopMe Joins NBCU Certified Measurement Partner Program

LoopMe is delighted to be certified by NBCUniversal for Brand Measurement, as announced at the One23 conference on Wednesday, February 8, 2023.

This badge was awarded following rigorous evaluation of our services and acknowledges the commitment of LoopMe’s Measurement team, led by Rob Cukierman, to providing the very best for our partners.

In NBCU’s words, the program measures what matters with the best partners in business, with its partners providing best-in-class measurement with demonstrated focus on accuracy, reliability, transparency, and more. For more information on the program, visit the NBCU website.

Interested in finding out more about LoopMe’s Measurement solutions? Contact us here.

LoopMe Granted EDAA Trust Seal

LoopMe Granted EDAA Trust Seal

LoopMe has successfully completed the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) certification and membership, representing a further significant milestone in our commitment to data protection and privacy, and compliance with applicable legislation and industry standards.

In order to be granted the EDAA Trust Seal, LoopMe underwent an independent external audit of its website, privacy policy, OBA icons and Opt-out mechanism where LoopMe demonstrated full compliance with the European OBA Regulatory Programme.

The EDAA Trust Seal is the final step of the compliance journey within the Programme and is held by leading industry partners and household names.

See the list of participating companies.

LoopMe Gives Back with SuitUp

Last week, LoopMe was delighted to partner with SuitUp for the second consecutive year as part of “LoopMe Gives Back” CSR efforts. 

SuitUp’s vision is to align the incentives of schools and corporations to ensure that all students have the access and awareness to pursue the college and career of their choosing.

Through SuitUp, LoopMe participated in a business competition with high school students from Abraham Lincoln High School in Philadelphia, and had the opportunity to coach a team of students to solve a problem for a real brand. This included 3 sessions over Zoom – all over the course of one week.

During the final session, each team presented their campaign ideas to a panel of judges, which was composed of some of the LoopMe executive team, as well as members from Carat, OMD and Pepsi. 

“SuitUp is was such and exciting and inspiring experience. The students were so enthusiastic and the positive can do energy was so great to watch As a coach, I enjoyed it just as much as the students, it was amazing to see them shine” – Jillian Staffan, LoopMe Coach 

Not only did the LoopMe coaches thoroughly enjoy their SuitUp experience, but we received some great feedback from the students as well: 

“Thank you for being here, we cannot thank you guys enough for taking time to give us this experience!” – Student

“I wanted to thank our coaches…we were strangers at first but they were so nice and gave us such good advice. It was so easy to talk to them and get to know them.” – Student

“This was such a great experience using my voice for something I care about and having my coaches support me.” – Student

Each team did an amazing job, but in the end Team 3 won it all. We are so proud of all of these students and can’t wait to “suit up” again!

LoopMe awarded ePrivacyseal for EU data protection

LoopMe awarded ePrivacyseal for EU data protection

ePrivacy, a leading independent body specialising in European data protection and privacy, has granted LoopMe the ePrivacyseal for EU data protection, a certification awarded following an in-depth audit of the entirety of LoopMe’s business, products and third party commercial relationships against high technical and legal standards.

The seal acknowledges LoopMe’s commitment to data privacy and its strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), relevant national European legislation and the IAB Europe OBA Framework.

Prior to awarding the seal, ePrivacy’s independent data protection and security experts carefully evaluated LoopMe’s data processes, meticulously examining the basis upon which data is processed and the measures taken to keep it safe.

Please visit the ePrivacy website for more information on ePrivacyseal requirements.

ePrivacyseal EU data protection

LoopMe launches LoopWe

Today is an exciting day! On International Women’s Day we are thrilled to announce the launch of LoopWe, which stands for LoopMe Women Empowerment. Our purpose is to promote gender equality not only across LoopMe, but also within the ad tech industry through awareness, thought leadership, employee relations and LoopMe Gives Back CSR/culture activities involving employees, clients and potential customers.

More diverse companies are shown to be more profitable, more innovative, and more able to handle change.

The tech industry in particular still suffers from lack of diversity, with the turnover rate in the tech industry more than 2x higher for women than men. Women make up only 16% of the entire tech industry and only 5% of leadership positions in the tech industry are held by women. Furthermore, 83% of female are actively seeking out employers who have a strong equality and inclusion background.

Through launching LoopWe, we are keen to achieve the following: 

  • Drive LoopMe’s diverse culture through knowledge sharing, events and training programs which encourage female development
  • Celebrate and promote the females doing great work both at LoopMe and across the industry
  • Create more opportunities for females in tech by hiring from a younger age and filling more senior positions with women
  • Promote transparency across LoopMe to ensure women have economic and social parity
  • Become an industry leader in gender diversity through proprietary research, event participation and speaking engagements



LiveRamp Data Marketplace Debut: LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop Audiences Solution Offers Advanced Audience Segmentation for More Effective Targeting Across All Screens

Big news! Today, we introduced PurchaseLoop Audiences, a new standalone offering available on LiveRamp Data Marketplace. PurchaseLoop Audiences, a solution derived from LoopMe’s successful Audience Intelligence targeting product, provides advertisers with easy access to “always on,” custom segments for more effective audience targeting across all screens, outside of LoopMe media campaigns. As a third-party audience provider, LoopMe now offers clients a unique way to discover hard-to-reach audiences via its proprietary survey tool that reaches 250M U.S. users and covers 90M households in the U.S.

Opt-in, privacy conscious and not reliant on cookies to build the segments, PurchaseLoop Audiences segments are best for use in campaigns with goals around competitive conquesting, uncovering brand loyalty, or for intent to purchase. With identity changes within the ecosystem, PurchaseLoop Audiences does not rely on any cookies in curating the audience segments, making this solution scalable into the future state of the industry. 

Trusted by the world’s largest brands across technology, pharmaceutical, CPG, media companies and other social platforms, PurchaseLoop Audiences delivers the most effective audience solutions due to the AI-powered platform that informs the survey distribution for the recruitment of respondents. PurchaseLoop Audiences serves the survey via mobile devices to find respondents and, using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify which attributes are involved in those responses, builds a predictive model to find more respondents within that category. The LoopMe AI engine uses predictive precision analysis to recruit more respondents, thus building a strong audience of opt-in, in-market intenders.

Over 200 segments are available, but the unique value PurchaseLoop Audiences brings to the ecosystem is the ability to customize segments across various parameters, a capability that is appealing to advertisers and ad tech partners that need to find unique, recent, reliable and future-proof audiences. Examples of these segments include:

  • Demographics: Family & parenting, urban / suburban dwellers, high net worth individuals
  • Behavioral Intent: Frequent restaurant diners, auto intenders, omnichannel shoppers, in-market travelers
  • Media consumption patterns: TV streamers, mobile gamers, wireless service provider switchers
  • Other unique segments: Health related (vaccine status), early adopters (tech), B2B (small business employees)

For more information on how to access PurchaseLoop Audiences and activate them via LiveRamp Data Marketplace, contact us at LiveRampAudiences@LoopMe.com.

Apple’s Private Relay Announcement and What it Means for LoopMe Customers

Apple is rolling out new privacy controls as part of a larger initiative to provide its customers with a choice in identity protection. However, this poses some challenges to digital marketers who have relied on proven methods for email marketing and retargeting.

LoopMe is 100% committed to serving its customers and providing sophisticated technology solutions that adhere to the changing market conditions, while still reaching the right audiences for our customers. Our 100+ product and engineering teams have been diligently working to ensure our products and services are equipped with the proper tech solutions to thrive no matter how the digital landscape evolves.

In the recent news regarding Apple’s IP obfuscation, we wanted to provide some context on what this means for our clients and LoopMe’s solutions. We are closely monitoring Apple’s plans and how Private Replay will be rolled out. 

While we can’t predict how this will impact our industry as a whole, we do know every company in the ecosystem will have to make changes to how they do business. 

We believe that companies WITHOUT AI-powered, multivariate optimization techniques, will struggle to overcome the identity obfuscation initiatives such as this update from Apple. 

LoopMe has a patented AI platform — leveraging millions of data points for media optimization — that adapts and learns at scale on how to deliver effective media performance for the given advertiser goals, still maintaining a privacy-first compliant solution. LoopMe does not rely on one identifier or parameter for its optimization but rather leverages a multivariate approach for optimization, which means the loss of one identifier or data source is not critical to performance. 

When we tested against IDFA and Google IDs being removed, we found our AI-powered models were 96% effective at serving our customers’ needs. We feel strongly that we’re in the best position to thrive in this era and have scalable technology to adapt to market changes.

The use of AI in media delivery puts LoopMe in the best position to address clients needs, provide effective media performance for brand outcomes, and power campaign optimizations regardless of the changes companies like Apple or Google make to their tech stacks.

LoopMe’s in-flight optimization from its PurchaseLoop suite won’t be affected by this change due to our ability with machine learning and artificial intelligence to find alternative attributes outside of IP that will infer optimization needs.

You can read more about how this impacts the industry as a whole from the IAB Tech Lab’s blog here.


LoopMe has adopted Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) through Magnite for better control over bidding, delivery and campaign efficiency

LoopMe and Magnite recently partnered on Programmatic Guaranteed. Here’s a Q&A with the Magnite and LoopMe team to discuss why this matters.

What are the benefits of Programmatic Guaranteed?

Programmatic Guaranteed activation increases performance, guarantees scale, reduces daily workloads, using your preferred buying and reporting platforms.

Why did you choose Magnite as the SSP to power these deals?

LoopMe has a long standing relationship with Magnite and Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) was a natural evolution for both sides. By adding PG as a delivery option enhances the programmatic capabilities of LoopMe’s outcome-based product suite PurchaseLoop.

What is the big difference between PMPs and PG?

PG offers the buyer guaranteed campaign results whereas PMPs are competing for inventory against other buyers and auction dynamics. PMPs are subject to CPM inflation in times of high demand such as the holiday season, whereas PG can be a very efficient trading option to control CPMs and delivery.

What is unique about the way in which LoopMe uses PG?

LoopMe is primarily using PG across our PurchaseLoop product suite as it allows much more control on delivery across our different data groupings and allows our artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate data more efficiently and deliver on our outcome-based metrics such as increasing brand awareness and purchase intent.

What kind of momentum are you seeing behind this product since its release?

We have seen great initial interest globally from agencies and brands in running PG with LoopMe and have delivered successful campaigns for the likes of Matterkind (IPG) so far.

Is it more or less important to use PG during Q4 versus earlier in the year?

PG can be utilized well in times of increased advertising demand, such as Black Friday / Cyber Monday and the run up to the holiday season. Brands and agencies are given the confidence in delivering out budgets across tight campaign flights.

Which advertiser vertical(s) do you typically achieve the best results for? Who can be the big winners in Q4?

LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop product lends itself to many different verticals but in Q4, we would expect that retail / ecommerce, tech and CPG verticals could be the big winners as our Ai-powered platform matches demand and supply in the most efficient and effective manner. We believe that PurchaseLoop and PG is certainly a winning combination.

Programmatic Guaranteed is available through Magnite on DV 360, Amobee, Adobe and Verizon Media DSP.

If you want more information on how you can activate Programmatic Guaranteed, please reach out today to get started.

LoopMe triumphs in the US, winning Digiday’s Best Ad Tech Innovation

We’re so pleased to announce that we secured a prestigious award in the US at the Digiday Video Awards, receiving Best Video Ad Tech Innovation for our product PurchaseLoop Brand. PurchaseLoop Brand uses first-party surveys, data and AI to optimize to brand metrics such as awareness, consideration and purchase intent. Brands running with PurchaseLoop Brand can expect to see an average 4X uplift in brand metrics.

We opened in the US in late 2015, with just 3 sellers working from New York and have since grown to 60+ in 7 offices with further expansion planned later in 2019.

Receiving this award on the eve of our 7th birthday makes it all the more special! We’re so proud of our team who have worked so hard to grow PurchaseLoop to the product suite it is today and we’re delighted to see PurchaseLoop recognised.

For more information on PurchaseLoop Brand check here or get in touch with your local Account Manager. Check out the rest of the winners here.