Video of the Week: Evian is an anagram of naive

The babies are back. Evian rocked the world last time they brought forth the CGI concoctions last time, so now they’ve returned, and in greater numbers.

Accompanied by a rather fantastic cover of the Beach Boys’ Kokomo (you can listen to that here), this high budget epic is the perfect back for kicking back, taking in the sun, and sipping on some smooth, premium, bottled water. The ad itself is, however, also a bit creepy – a world surrounded by sentient, cogent babies, owning property and running beverage stalls. Do babies have the economic savviness and logistical awareness necessary for working in retail? Who knows: we’ll let Lord of the Flies Part 2: Surf’s Up speak for itself.

Runner up for this week: Ryan Reynolds continues his dominance of the world.

Press: MediaPost – Winning over the Adblockers

Published in MediaPost on 4/25/16 A quick search of Google Trends, and it’s clear interest in ad blocking has reached an all-time high. According to a study by Retale, 20% of adults are now using an ad blocker on their mobile device. The industry is facing a challenge when it comes to convincing the blockers to embrace advertising.

To resolve the issue, the industry need to understand why users are implementing ad blockers. The main reasons usually cited by the industry are normally data consumption, load times and battery use. These are all valid, but when looked at closely, they don’t seem to be the main cause of ad blocking. Research by Global Web Index found that only one third of users state page load times are the reason for using an ad blocker, while just three in ten said battery life was the motive for installing the software.

The real key to the problem lies in irrelevant advertising. Poorly targeted ads annoy users, do not generate high revenues for publishers and waste brands’ advertising budgets. While most advertising online today employs some level of targeting, it tends to focus around building audience profiles. This is, without a doubt, a hugely important part of targeting, but it neglects a huge amount of data.

Read the rest of the article on MediaPost here.

Video of the Week: Waitrose wants you to watch a field

Just hear us out on this one.

What might seem at first to be a random reason for a live streaming event (starting today, lasting the full week), has actually been turned into a rather fantastic marketing niche. Waitrose, with their brand of earnest simplicity and premium rural luxury, are proving how all their cows are given normal, everyday grazing opportunities, how all of their bees are real, free-flying bees, how their crops are grown and livestock flourish. The tranquil idyllic environment is allowed to speak for itself – Waitrose are innovating in a fun and accessible way. (Though, after a half hour watching bees slowly crawl out of a hive, it does get a bit dull)

You can watch the live stream here: