Published date: Tuesday, 8 March 2022

LoopMe launches LoopWe

Today is an exciting day! On International Women’s Day we are thrilled to announce the launch of LoopWe, which stands for LoopMe Women Empowerment. Our purpose is to promote gender equality not only across LoopMe, but also within the ad tech industry through awareness, thought leadership, employee relations and LoopMe Gives Back CSR/culture activities involving employees, clients and potential customers.

More diverse companies are shown to be more profitable, more innovative, and more able to handle change.

The tech industry in particular still suffers from lack of diversity, with the turnover rate in the tech industry more than 2x higher for women than men. Women make up only 16% of the entire tech industry and only 5% of leadership positions in the tech industry are held by women. Furthermore, 83% of female are actively seeking out employers who have a strong equality and inclusion background.

Through launching LoopWe, we are keen to achieve the following: 

  • Drive LoopMe’s diverse culture through knowledge sharing, events and training programs which encourage female development
  • Celebrate and promote the females doing great work both at LoopMe and across the industry
  • Create more opportunities for females in tech by hiring from a younger age and filling more senior positions with women
  • Promote transparency across LoopMe to ensure women have economic and social parity
  • Become an industry leader in gender diversity through proprietary research, event participation and speaking engagements