Published date: Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Apple’s Private Relay Announcement and What it Means for LoopMe Customers

Apple is rolling out new privacy controls as part of a larger initiative to provide its customers with a choice in identity protection. However, this poses some challenges to digital marketers who have relied on proven methods for email marketing and retargeting.

LoopMe is 100% committed to serving its customers and providing sophisticated technology solutions that adhere to the changing market conditions, while still reaching the right audiences for our customers. Our 100+ product and engineering teams have been diligently working to ensure our products and services are equipped with the proper tech solutions to thrive no matter how the digital landscape evolves.

In the recent news regarding Apple’s IP obfuscation, we wanted to provide some context on what this means for our clients and LoopMe’s solutions. We are closely monitoring Apple’s plans and how Private Replay will be rolled out. 

While we can’t predict how this will impact our industry as a whole, we do know every company in the ecosystem will have to make changes to how they do business. 

We believe that companies WITHOUT AI-powered, multivariate optimization techniques, will struggle to overcome the identity obfuscation initiatives such as this update from Apple. 

LoopMe has a patented AI platform — leveraging millions of data points for media optimization — that adapts and learns at scale on how to deliver effective media performance for the given advertiser goals, still maintaining a privacy-first compliant solution. LoopMe does not rely on one identifier or parameter for its optimization but rather leverages a multivariate approach for optimization, which means the loss of one identifier or data source is not critical to performance. 

When we tested against IDFA and Google IDs being removed, we found our AI-powered models were 96% effective at serving our customers’ needs. We feel strongly that we’re in the best position to thrive in this era and have scalable technology to adapt to market changes.

The use of AI in media delivery puts LoopMe in the best position to address clients needs, provide effective media performance for brand outcomes, and power campaign optimizations regardless of the changes companies like Apple or Google make to their tech stacks.

LoopMe’s in-flight optimization from its PurchaseLoop suite won’t be affected by this change due to our ability with machine learning and artificial intelligence to find alternative attributes outside of IP that will infer optimization needs.

You can read more about how this impacts the industry as a whole from the IAB Tech Lab’s blog here.