Vitaly Kotvinsky: Employee Spotlight

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in Eastern Ukraine, in a town called Stakhanov, but when moved with my family to Makiyivka, most famous as a coal mining and metallurgical centre. Before entering on a career in engineering, I attended the Univerity of Donetsk, where I studied Applied Mathematics.

Why did you decide to join LoopMe?

Having worked for several software companies including Ciklum, a digital solutions Fortune 500 company with expertise in IoT, Chatbot Development and Big Data & Analytics, I wanted to use the skills I’ve acquired in an emerging and innovative industry.

When I first met with the senior management team I was extremely impressed with how their vision and I wanted to be a part of it.

What’s your job role and day to day responsibilities?

LoopMe has a team of extremely talented and enthusiastic developers. My role as VP of Engineering is to guide them so they’re working on the right projects and with the right priorities. I make sure that our products are in line with business needs, that the capacity of our servers is scalable and so we’re constantly innovating and working with new technology.

What’s been the best moment at LoopMe?

To highlight a single moment is really hard, If I had to choose one in recent memory it’s definitely when we closed out the latest investment round.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

When I was working as a game developer most of my relatives thought all I did was play games. They still hope that I’ll stop playing with computers and find a “real” job one day.


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