LoopMe’s Glowing Testimonials

LoopMe has received some glowing testimonials from publishing partners recently – read the highlights here:


“LoopMe offers solid eCPM rates without sacrificing consistency through unique and engaging ad formats, not to mention the great support they have in store. By starting with just a straightforward, easy integration, you can expect an ad network that’ll give you simply the best” -Micko Nulud

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“LoopMe has helped in the monetization of our games by providing seamless access to premium large-budget advertisers. Pursuant to integration there has been incremental growth in revenue. Fill rates are consistent and the LoopMe SDK is extremely simple to integrate. The support team has been exceptionally proactive.” – Rajat Agarwalla


“With premium eCPMs and good fill-rate LoopMe has done a fantastic job in helping BlackLight monetise the inventory with video ads. The high quality of ads lets us deliver best user experience. The team is wonderful and entire integration process was quick and smooth.”

Outfit 7: 

“We are delighted to Partner with LoopMe for monetizing on our apps. For more than 2 years we have been working with them and are pleased with the prompt support. We look forward to continuing our relationship as we build on more new avenues for entertainment with the Talking Tom and Family Franchise.”

Why not get in touch to see how we can help! Pop a message over to contact@loopme.com and one of us will be in touch as quickly as possible. Look out for more testimonials over the next few months!



3 things to look out for at MWC

MWC: The largest gathering for mobile specialists, this year being held from Feb 27th – 2nd March 2017.

As you’re pacing the many stands across the eight halls, running from the conference to meetings, here’s three things to keep an eye out for.

New releases -> Sources at PCMag say that Blackberry are coming back with ‘Mercury’ a keyboard Android phone. While Samsung failed to release their latest model, S8 at CES, they are apparently not launching at MWC either, choosing to shoot for an April date. Apparently the ‘biggest phone at the show’ is likely to be the LG G6, which is released the day prior to MWC.

Convergence of TV and mobile -> Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix takes the keynote slot on Monday evening, which has previously been hosted by Mark Zuckerberg. Reed founded Netflix back in 1997, and it now has over 86 million subscribers around the world.

Netflix uses a data-driven approach to help target their audiences, and according to their blog they consider data visualisation to be of paramount importance. An interview back in 2013 revealed that they regularly look at colour analysis between titles to see which cause the best reactions from their audience.

Let’s hope that Reed gives attendees some further insight into their data analysis (and some sneak peeks of new shows) as this is sure to engage the audience.


Internet of Things -> Expect to see things you didn’t know were possible. Last year saw ‘intelligent’ Air Con, a connected tooth-brush and the Halo smart bracelet – although we’re yet to find it retailing online, one year on. There’s lot of workshops about this, including ‘Solutions For Your Internet Of Things’ We look forward to seeing more wonderful developments this year.


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How to use location data in your mobile video marketing

We recently announced that LoopMe have integrated with adsquare, the world’s neutral data exchange. As part of this integration, brands can now complement their DOOH campaign with LoopMe’s AI powered mobile marketing. You can read more about that here and on Mobile Marketing Magazine.

An MMA report released in November 2016 found that 46% of marketers and 47% felt that location data was critical to mobile marketing, while another 50% and 43% respectively saw it as important.

However just 10% of marketers and 13% of agencies used location-based targeting less than 20% of the time. Unsurprisingly, marketers are using location mostly on social and search, while video and rich-media lags behind at 40% and 42%.

Nevertheless, video has a key role to drive effective mobile campaigns and when paired with AI, can help you hit both brand and campaign goals.


Driving foot traffic – Most used by retailers, this strategy allows brands to target users with their video ad when they are in the location of the brand store, restaurant or offices. The most effective video format for these purposes is rich media or full screen video. At LoopMe we can also use our AI to optimise to those who are most likely to be in these locations and use a third party to verify this.


Competitor conquest – Similar to above, however here brands target users when they are in or approaching a direct competitor, to keep them front of mind instead. Suitable with any video formats, we would also suggest running a PurchaseLoop study which will allow you to measure user perception of your brand against that of your competitors.


Related locations – Taking the assumption that if a user visits a cinema, they will also be interested other entertainment activities like fitness and theatre. Advertisers can then actively target these areas of shared interest. Pair this with rich media and short form pre-roll videos which encourage consumers to watch the full trailers for an effective campaign.


Combining location data and AI leads to impressive results, as our case study with adsquare shows, with a 2x higher VCR than the control. Take a look at our suggestions to get the best AI results from your mobile campaigns.


Find out more about our integration with adsquare and get in touch: marketing@loopme.com

P&G commit to TAG

In Marc Pritchard’s speech at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in January, he issued a clear call to the digital ad industry to clean up the supply chain.

It was there he announced that P&G are putting fraud at the heart of their clean-up efforts, and from now on would require all digital partners to participate in TAG’s ‘Certified Against Fraud’ program.

“At P&G, we decided this is an area for outside experts who have a much higher probability of staying ahead of the criminals than we ever will,” said Pritchard.

“We’re getting help from the Trustworthy Accountability Group, or TAG, a joint initiative of the ANA, 4As, and IAB. This is a powerful self-regulatory body aimed at eliminating fraudulent advertising and its partners in crime, such as sites that steal copyrighted content from our supply chain. We are insisting that any entity touching digital media must get TAG-certified during 2017 to help ensure they are free from fraud.”

TAG and LoopMe

It’s heartening to see a huge brand like P&G take a leading role and confirm their commitment to fraud free advertising. We believe that everyone in the digital advertising ecosystem should be working to the same goals. There’s no excuse for poor quality advertising and brands should be assured that with LoopMe, it is our top priority.

We are proud early adopters of TAG, when back in December 2016 we announced our approval by TAG as a participant in the TAG Registry, following a thorough background check and review process. We are also in the process of becoming TAG Certified Against Fraud, Piracy and Malware, as well as participating in TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines program.

We work to the highest possible standards to ensure brand safety and fraud free environments, and work with the likes of IAS, Moat and Forensiq to ensure third-party verification on our campaigns. As Marc Pritchard put it best: “We realize there is no sustainable advantage in a complicated, nontransparent, inefficient and fraudulent media supply chain.”

Find out more about TAG and our commitment to fraud free advertising: marketing@loopme.com