LoopMe shortlist twice at Digiday Media Awards Europe

We’re proud to announce that LoopMe are finalists at Digiday’s Media Awards Europe for ‘Best Video Marketing & Advertising Platform’ and ‘Most Innovative Video Partner’ for our work will MullenLowe MediaHub and Western Union.

The Digiday Media Awards Europe is a new program that recognizes the companies working to modernize European media. The ‘Most Innovative Video Partner’ identifies those companies not only championing but disrupting video in the ad tech industry. PurchaseLoop, our multi-award-winning ad serving platform is the technology behind the our nomination for ‘Best Marketing & Advertising Platform’.

The Campaign

In the build up to Christmas 2017, Mullenlowe Media Hub’s client, Western Union wanted to increase brand consideration for their money transfer services in the UK, with their creatives emphasising the ‘right now’ ease of using their service.

To find Western Union’s target audience, LoopMe used PurchaseLoop, our multi-award winning the brand uplift optimiser, which aligned perfectly with Western Union and MullenLowe Media Hub’s strategic planning.

LoopMe was brief to convert high VCR to brand consideration. AI was used to drive VCR and ensure it delivered to those in market for Western Union. As well as a sustained and high VCR for two flights of the campaign, PurchaseLoop drove brand consideration by 11.14%, showing its effectiveness in driving brand metrics.

Winners will be announced at the ceremony on May 31st. Good luck all!

LoopMe's Award-Winning PurchaseLoop - An Introduction from LoopMe on Vimeo.


LoopMe Shortlist at The Drum’s Digital Trading Awards

We’re proud to announce that LoopMe are finalists at The Drum’s Digital Trading awards for ‘Best Mobile Campaign’ for our work with Carat and Tassimo.

The Digtial Trading Awards, now in its 5th year are one of the most well respected awards in the media industry. The ‘Best Mobile Campaign’ rewards innovative strategy and campaign that has engaged the target audience.

The Campaign

Carat attainted the Jacob’s Douwe Egberts in September 2017 and Q4 marked the first campaign for Tassimo – a market leading coffee system selling in the Single Serve Market, with a range of machines and compatible coffee pods (T-Discs). Tassimo were looking to drive awareness and consideration of their Brewer range and promote their brand USPs in the run up to Christmas.

To find Tassimo’s target audience, LoopMe used PurchaseLoop, the brand uplift optimiser, which aligned perfectly with Tassimo and Carat’s strategic planning

Tassimo’s campaign drove over 3.9 million impressions and 2,980 hours of brand engagement, at a cost per minute of £0.24. Using PurchaseLoop Tassimo’s campaign tracked 13.71% purchase intent increase, from control to exposed and AI optimised, showing LoopMe’s effectiveness in driving campaign results beyond brand metrics on mobile.

Winners will be announced at the ceremony on May 31st. Good luck all!


Employee Spotlight: Lauren Bigland

Tell me a bit about yourself

I grew up in Chelmsford, a small city (yes it’s a city) outside of London. When I started secondary school, I realized I loved learning languages so studied French and Spanish at university. As part of the course I spent a year in Nice, France and Córdoba, Spain – drinking more rose and tinto de verano (a Spanish classic, red wine and fanta lemon served with ice) than I probably should have done, but it set me up for a career in media! I fell into marketing and adtech by accident and feel lucky I ended up in such a vibrant, growing and interesting industry.

What’s your job role and day to day responsibilities?

I’m Head of Marketing at LoopMe which means I’m responsible for LoopMe’s marketing worldwide, reporting into Stephen our CEO.

I have an extremely varied job, no two days are the same which I love. My main role covers positioning, strategy, messaging, branding and product marketing. I also manage a fantastic team who take care of everything else - from social, to events, to design to content (including this blog). Our responsibilities are quite broad – marketing touches every part of the business so we wear a lot of different hats and are expert multi-taskers!

What’s been your best moment?

Spending 3 months working with LoopMe’s US team, trying out life as New Yorker was pretty cool…

Why did you decide to join LoopMe

I had itchy feet in my previous role and a friend mentioned LoopMe were looking for someone to head up the marketing team. I met with Stephen and was impressed with size of the opportunity for both the business and for myself personally. Ad tech companies often use a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to product, but LoopMe’s offering was solid – and that makes it a pleasure to market! I also wanted to join a start-up where I could roll up my sleeves and make a real difference, working with growing companies requires you to be a bit more imaginative and resourceful, which makes day to day life a lot more interesting.

A fun fact about yourself

I really, really hate birds.


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‘Closing The Loop’ report released

Today marks the release of our report ‘Closing The Loop’ which analyses LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop campaigns over the last year.

Following on from last year’s report, Closing The Loop gives an in-depth analysis of brand KPI’s, investigates average uplift by vertical and detailed case studies. There are also tips on how to get the most from your PurchaseLoop campaign to ensure maximum uplift.

Our twice-awarded product PurchaseLoop, uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to optimize video and rich media advertising to real-world brand outcomes. Since its launch in 2016, we have worked with the world’s biggest brands including Microsoft, Norwegian Air and Jockey achieve their KPI’s and close the loop on advertising.

Click here to download the full report and get in touch to learn more.


5 Questions with Lynette Saunders

Lynette Saunders, Senior Analyst at Econsultancy will be joining us on Wednesday 18th of April at AI: Advertising & Beyond. Last week we caught up with her to ask her a few questions about her experiences within the industry. To learn more, RSVP here.

 1. Tell us about your role at Econsultancy

I have been with Econsultancy for 3 and half years as a Senior Analyst within the Research Team. My role involves working on delivering industry-leading research, briefings and reports for the digital marketing industry. In particular, I have written a number of Digital Transformation sector reports covering Retail, Financial Services and Pharma and Healthcare. Currently I’m working on a report on Trust, Transparency and Brand Safety.

2. Econsultancy has published several articles and research into how AI is impacting media and society. How have you seen the focus on AI change in the last few years?  

We’ve seen companies using AI or machine learning for marketing for a number of years now, but we are really seeing the focus switching to more applications of AI due to the sheer volume of data that is now readily available to AI machines, which can perform incredibly sophisticated machine learning functions and are available at a fraction of the cost.

One of the most practical recent applications of AI has emerged with chatbots and we have written a number of blogs featuring what companies are doing in this area and the advantage a chatbot provides with an instantaneous response. Consequently, one of the biggest benefits for the consumer is simply a much better overall experience.

Traditionally AI was recommendation algorithms & optimising paid media, but it is now expanding quickly - from optimising email subject lines, advertising copy, suggesting next best actions, identifying look alike audiences to providing continuous feedback on what FAQ information helps to reduce inbound calls, to image recognition (in visual search or social listening).

3. Risks vs Rewards, do you think AI holds more risks or rewards for brand marketers?

This is an interesting question. Whilst we’ve published a number of blogs talking about the exciting ways that companies are using AI we have also highlighted things that say your chatbot should never do. The whole point of chatbots is that they’re supposed to mimic human interaction, that’s not to say that they should pretend to be human.

We are all striving to deliver that personalised experience in real-time and AI can play a crucial role in help companies to achieve this, but there are also risks, as with any technology, of getting it wrong. Given the forthcoming GDPR changes, companies also need to be even more transparent to customers about the data they are collecting on them and how this is being used.

AI offers a huge potential to enhance the customer experience, but key is going to be finding out how to use it in smart and relevant ways. Ultimately when thinking about where AI fits into your strategy it is important to go back to looking at what your business priorities are, and then specifically what the barriers are to achieving success and whether AI can help.

4. Before joining Econsultancy, you were in data and analytic roles at Royal Mail and Cancer Research UK. How do you see AI impacting the future role of marketers?

Looking back at my role in analytics at both places it was still very manual in terms of looking at reports in the various tools and interpreting what the data was telling us and taking action on the back of the analysis, which would always involve some type of time delay. The nature of reporting provided was also very much an historical view of what had happened. AI provides a real opportunity for marketers to use the data they have collected, learn from what has happened, predict what might happen and take action instantaneously. This can only help marketers to make better business decisions and ultimately drive better business results.

5. Aside from its application to marketing, what developments in AI are you most excited to see?

I think some of the areas we are seeing AI being used in healthcare is very exciting whether it be from applications that can give you an instant diagnosis of your symptoms, or provide reminders to people about their medication or alerts about a potential condition that might arise. These have the potential to be life-saving. Even as a fitbit wearer myself I am interested to see the developments that are taking place with fitness devices around helping people live a healthier life.


LoopMe Shortlist Twice at the British Media Awards

We’re proud to announce that LoopMe are finalists at the British Media Awards for ‘Tech Provider of The Year’ and ‘Best Use of Commercial Data’.

Now in their seventh year, the British Media Awards recognise ‘the media owners and companies that are innovating and adapting at a time of unprecedented change in media’.

We’re pleased to be recognised in two categories; Tech Provider of the Year which honours the industry’s best third-party tech providers and for Best Use of Commercial Data for our PurchaseLoop product.

Congratulations to all shortlisted and we look forward to celebrating on May 16th!

Employee_Spotlight_Dan (2)

Employee Spotlight: Dan Lapinski

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Born & raised in Bruce Springsteen’s homeland, the greatest of states, New Jersey. Proud Penn State graduate. Breakfast sandwiches brighten my day (BEC, strictly). Big music fan, from 90’s hiphop to 60’s rock, always have my headphones in. Nothing better than being at a Yankee Stadium with a beer and dog in-hand, taking in America’s past time.

What’s your job role and day to day responsibilities?

I’m our Director of Client Services, which encompasses all things Account Management, but I have my hands in a few pots. I spearhead our product partnerships, focus on strategic alignment for our sales teams, and help scale our business units to best serve our growing client base. In a few words, LoopMe’s resident problem solver.

What’s been the best moment in your 2.5 years at LoopMe?

The next moment. Being a lead for client services, account management, and partnerships presents new and interesting challenges every day. I love being stumped, finding a solution, and putting it to action. I love being leaned on during hard situations. Nothing's better than finding a fix that helps LoopMe get from A-to-B, while helping provide our clients with true mobile-focused brand solutions. BRB, fire drill. Seeing the new hires on the team grow to group of rock stars is probably the proudest piece of work I can point to.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Born 2.5 months early, under 3lbs, heart stopped multiple times, incubator for weeks. Bit of a miracle. NBD. Autographs made available through my agent. I’m also the American definition of a mutt: Lebanese & Egyptian on my mother’s side, Irish & Lithuanian on my father’s side. American head-to-toe, and proud to be it. I’ve had the same Yankees hat since our last World Series win, a superstition to the dismay of many.


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5 Questions with Matthew Griffin

We’re excited to have Matthew Griffin, award-winning futurist and founder of the 311 Institute as a keynote for AI: Advertising & Beyond. Last week we sat down with Matthew to ask some questions about him and his work. To learn more, RSVP here.


1. How did you become a futurist?

Asides from a love of the future and the fact that one day we’ll all be living in it, one of my main motivations had to do with the fact that every company on the planet have three key levers in common – they all want to reduce costs, reduce risks, and grow.

While many organisations around the world are more than capable of helping organisations tackle the first two, often selling goods and services that help “consolidate” or “remove” people, I wanted to see if there was a way I could proactively and programmatically help organisations see what’s coming next so they could build new, prosperous businesses and industries that could “re- employ” if you will, many of those people the other companies “consolidated” or “removed.”

2. What does the 311 Institute do?

We are a global futures think tank working between the timeline of 2020 and 2070 that helps organisations, regulators and governments envision, build and lead the future. That said though we also believe in doing our best to make sure the future and its benefits are evenly distributed, and that no one, irrespective of ability, background or origin is left behind.

3. XPrize’s aim is to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. As an advisor and mentor, can you explain more about the projects that you’ve worked on?

One of the main projects I’m involved with is helping put the world’s first private lunar rovers on the Moon and it’s not as easy as people think. A true ‘Moonshot’ in every sense of the word!

4. This year LoopMe’s conference has the title 'AI: Advertising & Beyond' What emerging technology to do you think will have the biggest impact on society?

There are a good number of powerful emerging technologies arriving that will have a big impact on society. The obvious one that comes to everyone’s mind is obviously Artificial Intelligence, followed by Blockchain and then often 3D Printing. The fact of the matter is that the greatest impacts will, come from how they’re combined together, along with other emerging technologies such as Molecular Assemblers, Nanotech, Robotics (both large and nano), and Synthetic Biology. The latter of which especially could help us cure many, many diseases and re-write the rule book on next-generation products and services, across all industries.

5. What role do you see AI playing in the future? Is there anything you’re particularly excited to see?

Personally, I’m excited to see how AI will help us improve global health and wellness, democratise healthcare and improve healthcare patient outcomes. There are already several examples of this, from smartphones that can diagnose diseases just by listening to your voice, to wearables that can predict you’re getting ill; and we’re just at the snowflake on the tip of the proverbial iceberg!


SXNY 2018

Last week the New York team brought the spirit of Austin home by hosting the very first SXNY (South by NY). The event was held at Casa Neta, an authentic Mexican restaurant showcasing local art, while serving up cocktails made from their collection of 140 agave-based spirits.


Guests who weren’t able to attend SXSW enjoyed many experiences with a similar feel, including Virtual Reality headsets, where users rode virtual roller coasters and hiked mountainous terrains.


The vibe was set by our in house DJ, DJ MFS, who kept the energy alive from start to finish. In the spirit of ‘keeping Austin weird,’ we kept New York weird with a tarot card reader to give guests a glimpse into their future.


To top it all off, attendees got to create their own mini movies with a gif photo booth. Check out the final products here.
Missed out on all the fun had at SXNY? View the sizzle reel here. Want to stay up to date on all future LoopMe events? Subscribe here.


How to reach the B2B consumer

This week saw LoopMe host a breakfast discussion at the Sky Garden, London, bringing together B2B agency marketers to discuss how ‘data’ can be used to target the B2B consumer.

For those unable to attend, or who’d like a quick recap – read on! To receive invites to our next event, sign up to our events mailing list.

Data is the mobile currency of the B2B consumer 

The morning was kicked-off by Peter O-Mara Kane, GM International at LoopMe discussing how data is the mobile currency of the B2B consumer.

Pete explained that there are several trends that we see in B2B consumers which lend themselves to mobile marketing. First, they’re extremely ‘time poor’ leading to less TV consumption and engage with most of their content on mobile.

Pete then went on to stress the importance for marketers to stop looking at these consumers as an audience segment, and rather as people. This provides marketers with an opportunity to be more creative in the assets used and ‘how’ and ‘when’ we target them.

Riding the waves of intent data 

Next up was Brian Hersholt, Managing Director at Bombora who spoke about how they use intent data to enhance B2B campaigns. According to Brian, only 15% of the target audience is interested in what the product or service a company has to offer. This makes targeting business buyers when they are interested critical.

Why to get excited about GDPR

We rounded off the morning hearing from Paul Snell, Deputy Editor of B2B Marketing who presented on why marketers should embrace May 25th (the GDPR deadline), stressing that it will not be gloom and doom.

Paul is so upbeat about GDPR as it brings a spotlight on marketing and it provides marketers a great opportunity to revaluate their communication strategy and think of new ways to engage their consumers.

Click here to check out Paul’s 5 reasons to embrace GDPR.


Thanks again to our brilliant speakers for their insights, we hope to see you all at another event soon!