Closing the Loop on Brand Advertising

LoopMe was founded with the mission of closing the loop on brand advertising. Our full-stack tech platform harnesses mobile data, using a powerful combination of attribution, Artificial Intelligence and analytics to deliver outstanding campaign performance against brand outcomes - consideration, purchase intent, foot traffic and offline sales.

Closing the Loop on Brand Advertising

LoopMe's full-stack technology platform closes the loop on brand advertising by harnessing mobile data and artificial intelligence to deliver outstanding advertising results.


Real-time AI optimization to real-world brand outcomes

LoopMe’s award-winning PurchaseLoop goes beyond clicks and views, to measure and optimize to the metrics that matter – awareness, consideration, intent, store visits and sales, measurably improving campaign results.


AI-Powered Advertising

LoopMe’s advertising platform features Artificial Intelligence and mobile DMP designed to deliver outstanding video campaigns on mobile, desktop and connected TV devices.

Artificial Intelligence
& Mobile DMP

Cutting edge optimization & targeting


Discover our video and rich media formats

LoopMe’s Artificial Intelligence delivers up to 300% uplift on your advertising campaigns.

proven success

Norwegian Air

Winner LoopMe Awards '17

LoopMe increased awareness of Norwegian Air's
new non-stop routes by 94%
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proven success


Finalist LoopMe Awards ‘17

18% increase in purchase intent for Philip's Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush
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proven success


Winner LoopMe Awards ‘17

Purchase intent for the HP Spectre increased by 41%
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proven success


Finalist LoopMe Awards ‘17

+31% increase in visits to dealerships from Audi's Summer of Love campaign.
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