Closing the Loop on Digital Advertising.

LoopMe, the leading outcomes-based advertising platform, closes the loop on digital advertising. We solve attribution in real time, use AI to optimize media delivery and create measurable, incremental uplift against sales and other marketing goals.

The leading outcomes-based digital advertising platform
Closing the Loop on Digital Advertising

Measurement & Optimization

Towards Real-World Outcomes

From brand to performance, LoopMe measures and optimizes to the metrics that matter through our award-winning product PurchaseLoop.


Real-Time AI Optimization

Making Advertising More Effective


AI-Powered Advertising

LoopMe’s advertising platform features Artificial Intelligence and mobile DMP designed to deliver outstanding video campaigns on mobile, desktop and connected TV devices.

Artificial Intelligence
& Mobile DMP

Cutting edge optimization & targeting


Discover our video and rich media formats

LoopMe’s Artificial Intelligence delivers up to 300% uplift on your advertising campaigns.

proven success

Norwegian Air

Winner LoopMe Awards

LoopMe increased awareness of Norwegian Air's
new non-stop routes by 94%
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proven success


Finalist LoopMe Awards

18% increase in purchase intent for Philip's Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush
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proven success


Winner LoopMe Awards

Purchase intent for the HP Spectre increased by 41%
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proven success


Finalist LoopMe Awards

+31% increase in visits to dealerships from Audi's Summer of Love campaign.
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