David Frash: Employee Spotlight

Tell us a bit about yourself.
In North Manhattan Beach, CA, born and raised, on the beaches where I spent most of my days. Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and playing beach volleyball outside my school. Ok, no more Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, but everything was true

I grew up as huge sports fan and played baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, and most importantly volleyball, which I played all through high school. I love all LA sports teams from the Lakers, to the Dodgers, to the Kings, and now the Rams. Hopefully the Rams won the Super Bowl this past weekend since I wrote this pre-Super Bowl. Sorry Boston! I went to University of California, San Diego and graduated in Economics. I moved back home after college and jumped into my advertising career. My family has been in the industry for many moons from my Uncle, Dad, and sister so I naturally went that way. I worked on the agency side for 8 years, one at Deutsch and seven at Saatchi, until I figured out that the dark side was the place to be! LoopMe is my second gig on the sales side and very excited to see our growth in this year!

Why did you decide to join LoopMe? 
I decided to join LoopMe in May of 2017 in the Los Angeles office. I was specifically looking to work at a mobile company, preferably video, and when I heard what LoopMe was doing with the PurchaseLoop product I was sold. Selling for a company that is mobile first and looking to help solve for their clients attribution headaches was the moment I went, EUREKA!

What’s your job role and day to day responsibilities?
I am an Account Executive in the LA office and my role is to bring in revenue from my book of business. I am tasked to develop relationships with both the agency and direct client side in order to help provide solutions that LoopMe can solve for them. Essentially, getting my clients to ” SHOW ME THE MONEY!” I have also been calling on some of the bigger automotive accounts in LA.

What’s been the best moment at LoopMe?
Definitely getting my first IO! It was hard for the first couple months not bringing in any revenue, but once the first one came in, it felt great to contribute to LoopMe.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I have a twin sister and she is in the industry too! Yes, I was born first!!!



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