LoopMe Global Wellness Day Recap

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, subsequently, LoopMe is kicking off Going Green in May – Sustainability Series. Sustainability is often associated with climate reform and highlights the various ways to help protect our environment, whether we recycle, compost, or grow our own fruits and vegetables. However, living sustainably is not just about how we treat the place we live, it’s also about how we treat ourselves.  Friday, May 5th, we closed our offices for our Global Wellness Day.  We take this day seriously because it is an opportunity  for Loopers to log off from work and use our free time to unwind and spend our free time the way we choose.

Some of us opted to enjoy the Spring weather by taking a nice walk and capturing the NYC skyline, others enjoyed live music at shows, like Jazzfest in New Orleans.  Some of us made it a long weekend to take a last minute trip to visit friends. Many of us stayed in and binged watched television. One of the coolest ways a fellow UK  Looper enjoyed their day, was by visiting a miniature pig farm.

Ensuring that you have a health body, mind, and spirit is essential for living a sustainable life.

Recap: Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit 2022

What does a world without the third-party cookie mean for digital advertising? 

Last week, the LoopMe team attended the Digiday Programmatic Summit to hear from industry experts and analysts on how to embrace the deprecation of third-party cookies, and how to navigate this massive change.  

The conference covered major topics such as:

  • Building a full-funnel programmatic strategy
  • Attention Metrics 
  • Contextual Relevance
  • The Future of Audience Targeting in Programmatic
  • Data clean rooms
  • The Future of Ad Addressability

Along these lines, LoopMe addressed client challenges with a joint presentation with our client from Carat to shed light on how to gain business outcomes with smarter media decisioning. 

Historically, media campaigns have been optimized based on metrics like VCR or CTR. LoopMe moves beyond proxy metrics and optimizes directly towards the brand outcome in real-time.

Crystal Shelton, VP of Partnerships at LoopMe was joined on stage by Catherine Son, Associate Digital Director at Carat, to present a financial services case study, focusing on how pre-qualified audiences and in-flight optimization directly towards brand survey results drove incremental lift.

The Challenge:

Increase awareness of their contactless usage for everyday spending with campaign insights and optimization strategies that deliver effective results, reducing wasted media impressions.

LoopMe’s Solution:

  • Used PurchaseLoop Audiences, our proprietary pre-flight survey tool, to identify consumers willing to leverage contactless payment for specific purchase categories. 
  • By creating a qualified audience, we also targeted users who selected “maybe” in the survey from the previous year’s campaign to further move the needle with a swayable audience.
  • Used PurchaseLoop Brand during the campaign as not only a brand lift study for measurement, but also an optimization tool. This is a unique way LoopMe has applied the survey (which is now a patented approach in-market) , feeding all of the survey data back in real-time and leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI).


  • 15% overall lift in awareness 
  • 6% incremental lift based on the AI optimizations
  • Exceeded benchmarks with an 85.5% VCR and a brand safety pass rate of over 99% 

Instead of relying on metrics like a VCR or CTR, we were able to optimize in-flight directly towards our KPI of awareness. 

In case you missed us, we would be delighted to tell you more about how LoopMe can help you drive valuable outcomes for your brands and clients. If you would like to explore partnership opportunities, contact us at marketing@loopme.com. 


International Women’s Day Recap: Empowerment

On Thursday 4th March 2021, LoopMe held an internal discussion to celebrate International Women’s Day. We explored some of the key issues faced by women, and identified ways in which both employees and businesses can drive systemic change. 

LoopMe invited a variety of external talent to join us, our three panelists consisted of:

  • Elizabeth Anyaegbuna, Co-founder, sixteenbyninemedia
  • Katie Grosvenor, Head of Sales, IAS
  • Lukeisha Paul, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, GroupM

Our panel was moderated by LoopMe’s Sarah Rew, Senior Director, Global Marketing.

Panelists shared their perspectives on what International Women’s Day means to them, and provided examples of the women who inspire them. Lukeisha Paul highlighted the importance of women being unapologetically themselves. Katie Grosvenor echoed Lukeisha’s thoughts, and spoke about the importance of authenticity.  

Elizabeth Anyaegbuna shared a reminder that there is still a lot of work to be done in the push for equality, and that International Women’s Day isn’t just one day. Elizabeth also shared how her mother had been a profound inspiration to her. 

Furthermore, we explored what steps can be taken to help create better workplaces that encourage gender and thought diversification. Katie Grosvenor spoke about starting from the moment you meet someone with a view to employing them. The importance of making recruitment processes more inclusive, offer flexible working and be understanding of an individuals specific needs. Create a culture that embraces diversity, mentoring, but also develop sponsorship programmes and ensure there are role models.

Our conversation then turned to what resources, groups or opportunities are available to those in our industry who want to get involved in Women’s Empowerment projects. 

Lukeisha provided an overview of the American not-for-profit group ‘She Runs It’, of which LoopMe are corporate Members. Whilst Katie and Elizabeth drew attention to Bloom UK.

To conclude our panel, we asked our panelists how men can become better allies to women. Katie spoke about The Exchange, a Bloom led event, the objective of which is to engage more men in the gender debate. The cross-mentoring programme matches industry-leading men with Bloom members to break down the barriers contributing to the gender divide in our industry.

Black History Month Recap: More Than Just A Month: Long-term Actions To Drive Industry Diversity

On Wednesday 21st October 2020, LoopMe held an internal panel discussion to celebrate Black History Month (UK). The panel discussion, titled ‘More Than Just a Month: Long-term actions to Drive Industry Diversity’ explored some of the key issues faced by black people, and identified ways in which we can all tackle social injustices. 

LoopMe invited a variety of external talent to join us, our three panelists consisted of:

  • Camilla Calvert, Global Creative Solutions Manager, Hearst
  • Maria Pentga-Wallace, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Financial Ombudsman
  • Elizabeth Anyaegbuna, Co-founder, sixteenbyninemedia

Our panel was moderated by LoopMe’s own Jaimesh Patel, Sales Director.

Panelists shared their perspectives on what it means to have a commitment to diversity and gave us insight into how they have demonstrated that commitment. Maria Pentga-Wallace highlighted that in order to demonstrate her commitment, she lives by her values of social justice, authenticity and amplifies unheard voices.

Elizabeth Anyaegbuna shared the story behind her motivation to set-up sixteenbynine media. She realised that in order to encourage diversity, she needed to represent and reflect black females within our industry. 

Furthermore, we explored strategies for dealing with situations where someone may feel isolated because of their ethnicity. Camilla Calvert spoke about being ‘othered’ and the importance of calling out the situation and responding appropriately. Maria shared her personal experiences where her contributions have been ignored, or attributed to a white colleague. Whilst these experiences adversely affected her self-esteem she turned her attention to working on unconscious bias’ and dealing with microaggressions. 

Our conversation then turned to what learnings can be taken from Black History Month UK to be more understanding towards the issues faced by black communities. Elizabeth reinforced how Black History isn’t just a month in a year, it’s all around us, it plays an active part in the now. 

Maria drew attention to the fact that Black History is British History, that Black people’s contributions in the UK predate Windrush and the Roman and Medieval period; we need to reflect upon centuries of exploitation. To drive a meaningful shift, Active Allyship is required, said Camilla Calvert. 

Lastly we explored Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and whether people can often assume that these initiatives need to be driven by junior members of staff. 

Our panelists shared their thoughts on how these initiatives need to be worked on collaboratively, but need to be led by senior management who set the tone, cultural norms and psychologically safe environments. Senior leadership ultimately devise policy however, they need to listen, collaborate and inform that policy. The process must be a joint effort, but senior leadership are the leaders… so they need to lead.  

More and more companies are putting corporate social responsibility at the forefront of their day-to-day activities. Through our CSR committee LoopMe’s aim is to provide all employees with the relevant training and best practices to ensure that they are educated on how to combat social injustices.

LoopMe Shortlists at the Digiday Video Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that LoopMe has been named a finalist at the Digiday Video Awards for ‘Best Video Ad Tech Innovation’!

The Digiday Video Awards recognize the companies, campaigns and technology using video to modernize media and marketing. Over the years, the awards have honored work from companies like McCann New York, Lyft and YouTube.

You can watch the unveiling and read the official write-up hereDigiday will celebrate the finalists and announce the winners at their awards gala on March 7 at Tribeca 360° in New York City.

About LoopMe

LoopMe was founded with the mission of closing the loop on brand advertising. Our full-stack tech platform harnesses mobile data, using a powerful combination of attribution, Artificial Intelligence and analytics to deliver outstanding campaign performance against brand outcomes.

Mindshare Huddle | What you Missed!

Last Thursday, Mindshare UK’s Huddle returned for its 8th consecutive year taking place In London under the theme ‘The New Era of Influence’.

Huddle is Mindshare’s annual flagship event, where for one day, they shut down their offices and play host to over 3000 people attending over 140 Huddles and Off Huddle sessions. As always, this year proved to be a great success with plenty of knowledge sharing from Mindshare’s most innovative and forward-thinking partners.

In case you couldn’t attend or want a recap – read on!

The Black Box of AI

We took over room 59 and transformed it into the Black Box of AI, joined by members of our Marketing and Data Science team. Inside, visitors learned about all things AI and Machine Learning – from the difference between AI and an algorithm to what Deep Learning is.

LoopMe’s Black Box of AI set up (View from inside) from LoopMe on Vimeo.

Huddlers were encouraged to try Google’s Quick Draw game which uses Neural Networks to predict your doodles in real-time. Fancy a go yourself? Try it here and tweet us your score!

Fighting Unconscious Bias in Media

Understanding our own unconscious bias is key to being better colleagues and better marketers. We know that advertising often relies on subjective assumptions and we want to equip brands with the tools and knowledge to tackle harmful stereotypes in marketing.

This is why we ran 2 Huddles where LoopMe’s Pete O’Mara-Kane (GM, International), Leonard Newnham (Chief Data Scientist) and Anne-Marie Senior (Training & Consultancy Manager, Enei), showcased bias in media and how we see AI’s role in addressing it.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Black Box, unconscious bias or AI generally, contact marketing-uk@loopme.com or your local sales representative.

What we learnt at Nonference

Yesterday, IAB UK hosted their inaugural Nonference, encouraging attendees: ‘don’t take
notes, take part’. The event was the first of its kind which broke the mould of traditional
conferences so everyone could immerse themselves in all the experiences that the event
had to offer.

With over 300 in attendance from brands, to agencies the day was truly an epic event. In
case you couldn’t attended or want a recap – read on!

We are all biased

Unconscious bias in media and the workplace is rife and for our industry to truly eradicate it
we must first acknowledge the problem. Doing this allows us to become better marketers
and better colleagues. LoopMe’s GM International, Pete O’Mara Kane and Chief Data
Scientist, Leonard Newnham stressed the importance of letting the data do the talking. If
you’re heading to Mindshare Huddle register for this session at 2pm and 3pm to learn more.

The AR revolution is here

Augmented Reality was demonstrated through Snapchat’s Lens Studio which invites the
general public to ‘unleash their creativity’ and create their own AR snap filter. Previously
this has only been available to brands, so it’s great that consumers are getting the chance to
try it out.

This has already been adopted by brands such as Ikea, Lacoste and Cadbury.

Street Art can impact creativity

Celtra looked at different examples of street art and the lessons that brands can learn from
them. Keeping it simple, making it relevant and being clever all gave us all food for thought
in how we can up our brand experiences to stop it becoming boring!

The future looks bright

Without a doubt the biggest takeaway from Nonference is the amount of interesting and
inspiring things happening in the marketing and advertising industry. We look forward to
seeing many more conferences, or nonferences, which gets people involved. Advertising is
an exciting place to be right now!

Meet LoopMe at Mindshare Huddle

Mindshare’s Huddle returns for its 7th year taking place in London on November 15th. This year’s theme is ‘The New Era of Influence’ which will explore the changing nature of influence and where we as an industry are heading.

We’re delighted to be invited back to present a Huddle in room Coco at 3:00 PM and an Off-Huddle session which will run all day.

Confronting Unconcious Bias

Understanding our own unconscious bias is key to being better colleagues and better marketers. We know that advertising often relies on subjective assumptions and we want to equip brands with the tools and knowledge to tackle harmful stereotypes in marketing.

Join LoopMe’s International GM Peter O’Mara-Kane, Chief Data Scientist Leonard Newnham and Unconscious Bias Coach Anne-Marie Senior (Training & Consultancy Manager at Enei), in this eye-opening, interactive session which will showcase the issue of unconscious bias in media and explain how AI can have a role in fighting it.

Black Box of AI

Do you know the difference between AI and an algorithm? Could you explain what Deep Learning is? Do you know how AI is being used in advertising?

Make sure you stop by and step inside the Black Box of AI, allowing you to find out the answers to all your questions. We lift the lid on Artificial Intelligence, allowing you to experience it through videos, interactive quizzes and guides so you can apply it to your marketing and advertising.

View the full agenda and join in the conversation online with #MSHuddle. We look forward to seeing you there!

3 things to expect at IAB’s Nonference

This November sees IAB UK host its inaugural Nonference event, and LoopMe are proud to be part of it!

Join LoopMe for our session ‘An Englishman, Irishman & Scotsman walk into a bar (And nobody finds it funny)’ where we’ll be exploring unconscious bias in media and marketing and how to tackle it.

Here are other 3 things we think you should expect at IAB’s Nonference.

Turn your out of office on

It’s a whole day event, so make sure you take advantage of it. You’re encouraged to build your own agenda for a day of hands-on learning, whether its designing quizzes with BuzzFeed or how to become the next YouTube sensation.

On your feet

As you can probably tell by the name, Nonference isn’t your typical conference. Instead of the tried and tested structure of speakers taking the lead with PowerPoints, Nonference wants you to get off your seat and participate.

It’s all about collaboration, participation and conversation, with sessions hosted by the industry’s most innovative companies.


Nonference is for everyone in the industry, whether you’re a grad at an Agency right up to the C-Suite. Expect to see hundreds of people at the Tobacco Docks

Click here to see a full list of sessions, and with more to be announced, sign up today to secure your spot!



Closing the Loop on Consumer Tech | Wrap Up

This week LoopMe hosted Closing the Loop on Consumer Tech at the Ham Yard Hotel, London to discuss best practices for tech brands in a highly-cluttered environment.

For those unable to attend, or who’d like a quick recap – read on! To receive invites to our next event, sign up to our events mailing list.

The morning was kicked-off by Alistair Hill, CEO and Co-Founder of OnDevice Research with his keynote on ‘Effectiveness Tips for Consumer Tech Advertising’. Alistair drew upon OnDevice’s research which illustrates a direct correlation between emotive ads and purchase. According to their research, video ads combined with interstitial units are a pivotal at driving of emotional response. Download the presentation here.

We then moved on to our first fireside chat with Laricea Roman-Halliday, Head of Digital at the Specialist Works and Jack Edmonds, Head of Sales at LoopMe

It’s well documented that consumer tech marketers struggle with short product lifecycles with the likes of Apple and Samsung releasing new products every 6 months. Lariciea suggested tapping into emotions, to help ads resonate with consumers. She advised attendees not to see TV as dying, but as changing channel. Tech brands should strive for innovation and find new ways to integrate all media channels.

LoopMe’s Senior Agency Sales Manager, Max Briere-Edney then addressed the audience on LoopMe’s solutions for closing the loop, using AI and data to optimize brand outcomes. Download the presentation here.

Ed Grice, Head of EMEA at PMG and Alex Hinds International Sales Executive at LoopMe sat down to discuss the best ways to marry storytelling and performance in the world of culture and technology.

Like many of our speakers, Ed highlighted the importance of storytelling, but also stressed the importance of a clear call to action on all creatives to drive consumers to purchase. Through learning and feeding back insights from different channel activations, this is a step towards closing the loop.

We finished the morning with a discussion between Lucy Goddard, Programmatic Content Distribution Manager at The Story Lab and Lauren Bigland, Global Marketing & Communications Director. Lucy had previously worked with LoopMe on a campaign for Microsoft Surface, which was shortlisted at The Drum’s Digital Trading Awards. View the full case study below.

Her three tips for consumer tech success were:

– Don’t overlook the creative
– Ensure your ads work together – don’t just make a 30 second creative if it doesn’t fit into a larger story
– The campaign has to be measurable and deliver on the metrics that matter to your brand. This should be assessed during the campaign as well as afterwards

For more data and insights, download your free Consumer Tech one pager here.
Thanks again to our brilliant speakers, we hope to see you all at another event soon!