Closing The Loop Report Released

Today LoopMe launches our report Closing the Loop, an analysis of our PurchaseLoop campaigns which have run in H1 2018. Since its launch in 2016, PurchaseLoop has helped the world’s biggest brands including Microsoft, Audi and Norwegian Air close the loop on brand advertising.

The report gives an in-depth analysis of average uplift by vertical, format and brand KPI’s, as well as detailed case studies from a range of brands. There are also top tips on how to get the most from your PurchaseLoop campaign to ensure maximum uplift.

This year PurchaseLoop has been awarded Best Video Marketing Platform at the Digiday Video awards, Bronze for Best Commercial Use of Data at the British Media Awards and was shortlisted for ‘Best Video Marketing & Advertising’ platform at the Digiday Technology Awards.

Download to learn more.

Mindshare Huddle | What you Missed!

Last Thursday, Mindshare UK’s Huddle returned for its 8th consecutive year taking place In London under the theme ‘The New Era of Influence’.

Huddle is Mindshare’s annual flagship event, where for one day, they shut down their offices and play host to over 3000 people attending over 140 Huddles and Off Huddle sessions. As always, this year proved to be a great success with plenty of knowledge sharing from Mindshare’s most innovative and forward-thinking partners.

In case you couldn’t attend or want a recap – read on!

The Black Box of AI

We took over room 59 and transformed it into the Black Box of AI, joined by members of our Marketing and Data Science team. Inside, visitors learned about all things AI and Machine Learning – from the difference between AI and an algorithm to what Deep Learning is.

LoopMe’s Black Box of AI set up (View from inside) from LoopMe on Vimeo.

Huddlers were encouraged to try Google’s Quick Draw game which uses Neural Networks to predict your doodles in real-time. Fancy a go yourself? Try it here and tweet us your score!

Fighting Unconscious Bias in Media

Understanding our own unconscious bias is key to being better colleagues and better marketers. We know that advertising often relies on subjective assumptions and we want to equip brands with the tools and knowledge to tackle harmful stereotypes in marketing.

This is why we ran 2 Huddles where LoopMe’s Pete O’Mara-Kane (GM, International), Leonard Newnham (Chief Data Scientist) and Anne-Marie Senior (Training & Consultancy Manager, Enei), showcased bias in media and how we see AI’s role in addressing it.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Black Box, unconscious bias or AI generally, contact or your local sales representative.

LoopMe list at #43 in the Deloitte Fast 50

We were thrilled to attend the Deloitte Fast 50 last night and place at no.43!

The UK Fast 50 is now in its 21st year and acknowledges the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the UK, based on revenue growth over the last four years. LoopMe’s CTO and Co-Founder, Marco van de Berg and Finance Director, Andrew Small attended to collect the award and meet with other shortlisted companies.

The award follows news that LoopMe has secured a further $17 million investment which will be used to continue the platform’s growth in the US, as well as increasing our existing presence in APAC. Read more about our plans in The Telegraph.

We are extremely proud to receive this accolade and look forward to exciting new developments in 2019!

What we learnt at Nonference

Yesterday, IAB UK hosted their inaugural Nonference, encouraging attendees: ‘don’t take
notes, take part’. The event was the first of its kind which broke the mould of traditional
conferences so everyone could immerse themselves in all the experiences that the event
had to offer.

With over 300 in attendance from brands, to agencies the day was truly an epic event. In
case you couldn’t attended or want a recap – read on!

We are all biased

Unconscious bias in media and the workplace is rife and for our industry to truly eradicate it
we must first acknowledge the problem. Doing this allows us to become better marketers
and better colleagues. LoopMe’s GM International, Pete O’Mara Kane and Chief Data
Scientist, Leonard Newnham stressed the importance of letting the data do the talking. If
you’re heading to Mindshare Huddle register for this session at 2pm and 3pm to learn more.

The AR revolution is here

Augmented Reality was demonstrated through Snapchat’s Lens Studio which invites the
general public to ‘unleash their creativity’ and create their own AR snap filter. Previously
this has only been available to brands, so it’s great that consumers are getting the chance to
try it out.

This has already been adopted by brands such as Ikea, Lacoste and Cadbury.

Street Art can impact creativity

Celtra looked at different examples of street art and the lessons that brands can learn from
them. Keeping it simple, making it relevant and being clever all gave us all food for thought
in how we can up our brand experiences to stop it becoming boring!

The future looks bright

Without a doubt the biggest takeaway from Nonference is the amount of interesting and
inspiring things happening in the marketing and advertising industry. We look forward to
seeing many more conferences, or nonferences, which gets people involved. Advertising is
an exciting place to be right now!