Holiday Season 2019 research by Shobha Nikam

How are your customers spending their time and their dollars this holiday season? LoopMe knows where to find them.

The holiday season is officially underway — and with $7.4 billion spent on Black Friday and $9.4 billion spent on Cyber Monday, reveal that shoppers are looking to shop at brick and mortar stores, but also rely heavily on e-commerce. In fact, Cyber Monday has been reported as Amazon’s biggest shopping day in its history. 

Capturing the purchase of in-market shoppers will be a big challenge for brands as consumers attention spans are shorter and split across screens. LoopMe’s data revealed key insights into consumer shopping habits that highlight opportunities for marketers. 

Based on LoopMe’s proprietary Audience Intelligence tool, we found interesting trends for retail buyers, automotive shoppers, and even food & beverage.

What’s In Your Cart?

Based on LoopMe first party data, this season’s holiday shoppers show high interest in purchasing toys, apparel, and gaming consoles. 

LoopMe wanted to know more about the 33.6M in-market toy shoppers.  What motivates these shoppers purchase: Price or delivery? Where are they planning to shop: Amazon or other retail stores? According to LoopMe data, toy shoppers show higher affinity towards Walmart indiciating price as the primary driver for this category, followed by Amazon. 

For apparel, LoopMe data identified 47.8M in-market apparel shoppers. Amazon is the preferred destination for these shoppers, as compared to Macy’s, JCPenney and Target. However, mature shoppers (55+) are more likely to shop non-Amazon this holiday season. Female apparel shoppers are 20% more likely to shop non-Amazon while male shoppers are 50% more likely to shop via Amazon than other retailers. 

LoopMe identified 22.8M Americans that are looking to purchase a gaming console for the 2019 holiday season. Xbox & PlayStation are top brands among in-market shoppers. Of those looking to buy a console, young adults who are at their early earning potential are more brand loyal to Nintendo, Xbox and Sony. LoopMe is keeping an eye on emerging trends in the Gaming category, such as streaming services including Google Stadia & Apple Arcade.

With LoopMe’s Audience Intelligence tool, we provide both accuracy and scale for your desired in-market shoppers.

Auto Holiday Sales Trends

We asked Americans what would motivate them this holiday season to buy a new car from their local dealership and found that males are 33% more likely to favor low ‘cash out’ options (favorable lease terms or low APR)  while females are 15% more likely to favor “cash in” (favorable cash back or trade in value) options when purchasing a car. The single highest incentive for a purchase was trade in value with 32% of respondents choosing that as a motivating aspect to purchasing a car, followed by a favorable lease (26%), cash back (23%) and a favorable APR (19%).

These insights can inform a brand’s creative messaging to drive better performance for increasing dealership visits.

It’s Party Time

Apart from other marketers, LoopMe wanted to know how our audiences were spending their time over the holiday season: Would they host or be a guest? LoopMe data shows that Americans are 40% more likely to host and than to be a guest this season. Hosts are shopping at big box stores like Walmart and Target, but also they are frequenting grocery brands like Aldi, Randall’s, Albertson’s, and Safeway. 

Through the LoopMe Audience Intelligence tool, your food or beverage brand can reach the 23.5M people that will be guests and the 16.5M that are hosting with the right brand message to influence relevant purchases this season. 

LoopMe can identify these types of audiences for you or any other audience that might be right for your brand this holiday season. Make sure your marketer is able to identify not only the demographic but also the psychographic attributes of your customers and potential customers. Reach out to us at to learn more.