In a critical election year, drive up to 5x higher results
in campaign performance and easily integrate
real-time impact measurement (persuasion lift)
with LoopMe.

Linear’s rapid decline, CTV’s high demand but low supply, cookie deprecation and social media’s growing lack of trust, are all contributing factors to the new challenges that political advertisers are facing.

LoopMe’s proven and patented AI is primed to give political campaigns the edge they will need in 2024.

The fragmented ecosystem requires a boost from machine learning to find niche audiences and hyper-target them in pristine environments.

What we offer

Political audiences

  • Reach voters effectively with LoopMe’s patented pre-flight survey technology.
  • Identify and verify custom audiences around issues, voting history or intent, viewing habits, influence, and more.

AI-powered optimization from real-time voter data

  • Maximize performance using the only platform with patented AI for optimizing advertising outcomes from real-time voter data, delivering up to 5x above industry benchmarks

Measurement for voter impact & persuasion lift

  • Measure voter/viewer impact throughout the campaign via a brand lift study to determine impact and inform strategy long before the votes are counted

Why LoopMe?

National scale: 150+ SSPs, 90M households, 80% CTV household reach
Future proof data management platform: LoopMe’s privacy-compliant and cookieless household graph consists of over 250M devices
Geo-targeting capabilities to the congressional district level: Target exact districts for Congressional campaigns to reduce waste and reach the audience that matters most
Ease & flexibility: Activation across leading DSPs or managed service with LoopMe DSP and built-in automation for the rapid pace of political

LoopMe surveyed 6,262 U.S. consumers to gauge behavior and preferences towards political advertising. Key insights from the research include media consumption habits, preferred media channels and where they are most likely to be receptive.

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