Published date: Thursday, 15 July 2021

LiveRamp Data Marketplace Debut: LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop Audiences Solution Offers Advanced Audience Segmentation for More Effective Targeting Across All Screens

Big news! Today, we introduced PurchaseLoop Audiences, a new standalone offering available on LiveRamp Data Marketplace. PurchaseLoop Audiences, a solution derived from LoopMe’s successful Audience Intelligence targeting product, provides advertisers with easy access to “always on,” custom segments for more effective audience targeting across all screens, outside of LoopMe media campaigns. As a third-party audience provider, LoopMe now offers clients a unique way to discover hard-to-reach audiences via its proprietary survey tool that reaches 250M U.S. users and covers 90M households in the U.S.

Opt-in, privacy conscious and not reliant on cookies to build the segments, PurchaseLoop Audiences segments are best for use in campaigns with goals around competitive conquesting, uncovering brand loyalty, or for intent to purchase. With identity changes within the ecosystem, PurchaseLoop Audiences does not rely on any cookies in curating the audience segments, making this solution scalable into the future state of the industry. 

Trusted by the world’s largest brands across technology, pharmaceutical, CPG, media companies and other social platforms, PurchaseLoop Audiences delivers the most effective audience solutions due to the AI-powered platform that informs the survey distribution for the recruitment of respondents. PurchaseLoop Audiences serves the survey via mobile devices to find respondents and, using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify which attributes are involved in those responses, builds a predictive model to find more respondents within that category. The LoopMe AI engine uses predictive precision analysis to recruit more respondents, thus building a strong audience of opt-in, in-market intenders.

Over 200 segments are available, but the unique value PurchaseLoop Audiences brings to the ecosystem is the ability to customize segments across various parameters, a capability that is appealing to advertisers and ad tech partners that need to find unique, recent, reliable and future-proof audiences. Examples of these segments include:

  • Demographics: Family & parenting, urban / suburban dwellers, high net worth individuals
  • Behavioral Intent: Frequent restaurant diners, auto intenders, omnichannel shoppers, in-market travelers
  • Media consumption patterns: TV streamers, mobile gamers, wireless service provider switchers
  • Other unique segments: Health related (vaccine status), early adopters (tech), B2B (small business employees)

For more information on how to access PurchaseLoop Audiences and activate them via LiveRamp Data Marketplace, contact us at