Published date: Monday, 13 June 2022

LoopMe Gives Back with SuitUp

Last week, LoopMe was delighted to partner with SuitUp for the second consecutive year as part of “LoopMe Gives Back” CSR efforts. 

SuitUp’s vision is to align the incentives of schools and corporations to ensure that all students have the access and awareness to pursue the college and career of their choosing.

Through SuitUp, LoopMe participated in a business competition with high school students from Abraham Lincoln High School in Philadelphia, and had the opportunity to coach a team of students to solve a problem for a real brand. This included 3 sessions over Zoom – all over the course of one week.

During the final session, each team presented their campaign ideas to a panel of judges, which was composed of some of the LoopMe executive team, as well as members from Carat, OMD and Pepsi. 

“SuitUp is was such and exciting and inspiring experience. The students were so enthusiastic and the positive can do energy was so great to watch As a coach, I enjoyed it just as much as the students, it was amazing to see them shine” – Jillian Staffan, LoopMe Coach 

Not only did the LoopMe coaches thoroughly enjoy their SuitUp experience, but we received some great feedback from the students as well: 

“Thank you for being here, we cannot thank you guys enough for taking time to give us this experience!” – Student

“I wanted to thank our coaches…we were strangers at first but they were so nice and gave us such good advice. It was so easy to talk to them and get to know them.” – Student

“This was such a great experience using my voice for something I care about and having my coaches support me.” – Student

Each team did an amazing job, but in the end Team 3 won it all. We are so proud of all of these students and can’t wait to “suit up” again!