2X More effective than traditional advertising optimization

LoopMe’s award-winning and patented survey technology PurchaseLoop uses artificial intelligence to optimize digital advertising in real time towards brand outcomes.

From audience targeting to in-flight media optimization and real-time measurement, LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop product suite caters for all media campaign needs and measurably drives campaign results.


PurchaseLoop Audiences leverages survey technology to identify your in-market audience. PurchaseLoop Audiences are created from proprietary segments using live, opt-in, marketplace responses and modelled to scale by our industry-leading artificial intelligence.


In-flight Media Optimization

PurchaseLoop Brand uses in-flight customer surveys to optimize campaigns in-flight to customers most likely to undergo a shift in brand metrics: Purchase Intent, Brand Consideration, Brand Favorability and Brand Awareness.

PurchaseLoop Visits drives incremental foot traffic from screen to store.  3rd Party Location Data optimizes ads to the users who are most likely to visit a store, restaurant or dealership. 

PurchaseLoop Conversions delivers on performance. Drive conversions, engagement and online actions.

PurchaseLoop Sales amplifies your return on investment and uses AI and in-flight optimization to deliver advertising to users most likely to carry out a purchase.



PurchaseLoop Measurement, provides real-time consumer brand lift measurement and analytics. Whether you are an agency, brand or publisher, measure media effectiveness throughout the entirety of your campaigns, PurchaseLoop Measurement provides rich and robust brand lift analytics across media channels, including digital (mobile, web), CTV, digital audio and OOH.

PurchaseLoop Audiences

Reach people that are actively in-market for more effective advertising results

PurchaseLoop Audiences uses LoopMe’s proprietary survey technology to create custom audience segments.

  • Recent data: build an audience 2-4 weeks before campaign launches for the most up-to-date in-market users
  • Scalable: Al predictive modeling scales segments across regions
  • Flexibility: use across LoopMe media or decoupled, available for all channels and formats (managed service or programmatic)

LoopMe will work with you pre-campaign to customize survey questions specific to your brand needs.

PurchaseLoop Brand

Use Consumer Sentiment to Optimize Towards Outcomes in Real-Time on Your Campaigns

LoopMe’s patented PurchaseLoop Brand measures and optimizes towards outcomes like Awareness, Consideration, Favorability, and Purchase Intent.

  • Real-Time Results: live in minutes and used to optimize your campaign
  • Scalable: survey reaches thousands of respondents across regions
  • Flexibility: Al-powered DMP connects mobile device to LoopMe’s household graph allowing holistic optimization across all channels

insight & research

LoopMe leverages PurchaseLoop survey technology to study consumer behavior.