Published date: Monday, 19 November 2018

Mindshare Huddle | What you Missed!

Last Thursday, Mindshare UK’s Huddle returned for its 8th consecutive year taking place In London under the theme ‘The New Era of Influence’.

Huddle is Mindshare’s annual flagship event, where for one day, they shut down their offices and play host to over 3000 people attending over 140 Huddles and Off Huddle sessions. As always, this year proved to be a great success with plenty of knowledge sharing from Mindshare’s most innovative and forward-thinking partners.

In case you couldn’t attend or want a recap – read on!

The Black Box of AI

We took over room 59 and transformed it into the Black Box of AI, joined by members of our Marketing and Data Science team. Inside, visitors learned about all things AI and Machine Learning – from the difference between AI and an algorithm to what Deep Learning is.

LoopMe’s Black Box of AI set up (View from inside) from LoopMe on Vimeo.

Huddlers were encouraged to try Google’s Quick Draw game which uses Neural Networks to predict your doodles in real-time. Fancy a go yourself? Try it here and tweet us your score!

Fighting Unconscious Bias in Media

Understanding our own unconscious bias is key to being better colleagues and better marketers. We know that advertising often relies on subjective assumptions and we want to equip brands with the tools and knowledge to tackle harmful stereotypes in marketing.

This is why we ran 2 Huddles where LoopMe’s Pete O’Mara-Kane (GM, International), Leonard Newnham (Chief Data Scientist) and Anne-Marie Senior (Training & Consultancy Manager, Enei), showcased bias in media and how we see AI’s role in addressing it.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Black Box, unconscious bias or AI generally, contact or your local sales representative.