Published date: Thursday, 26 October 2023

Sustainability and Converged TV Measurement: Key highlights from two leading topics at Advertising Week New York

How Sustainability Provides a Greener Programmatic Marketplace

AI and sustainability were hot topics at this year’s Advertising Week New York. LoopMe was front and center of the conversation by participating in the Sustainability in Adtech: How AI will drive a smarter programmatic marketplace panel, moderated by Ryan Joe, from Business Insider. Panelists included representatives from Beeswax, IRIS.TV, and Magnite. They discussed the benefits of a sustainable programmatic marketplace, how AI assists in reducing carbon emissions, and if optimization powered by AI is actually good for business.

LoopMe’s Intelligent Marketplace is powered by AI that dynamically filters 98% of requests, creating 40x more buying efficiencies and a more sustainable marketplace – it’s greener by design by only allowing impressions into the marketplace that have the ability to convert.

What are the benefits of a sustainable marketplace?

  • AI-powered technology can send ad requests more efficiently
  • AI optimizes cost reduction within the ecosystem to help reduces power usage
  • Encourages marketers to embrace sustainable paths which align with consumer values
  • Green business is good business
  • Reducing carbon emissions results in long-term cost savings

Converged TV Measurement – Beyond Currency to Outcomes

CTV’s role in delivering brand outcomes
As the television landscape continues to evolve, it’s become increasingly more important for clients to consider how to improve their media buys by leaning into CTV. During the Beyond Currency to Outcomes: Unlocking the Full Value of Converged TV session, moderated by Michelle Castillo, from Cheddar TV, panelists unpacked new measurement strategies and what buyers are looking for now as the CTV market matures. Insights from Samsung Ads, Pixability, Warner Bros. Discovery, Dentsu and LoopMe made this session lively, interesting and compelling.

Key takeaways

  • CTV is a must-have: 72% of households are watching connected tv in any given month
  • Clients need to take more a precise approach not just reach and frequency; it’s about how to guarantee brand outcomes and view it as incremental lift
  • AI can improve brand outcomes by driving hard to move metrics like favorability consideration and intent
  • CTV is a fully addressable medium

LoopMe also participated in discussions on AI for the modern marketer. Read the recap, Embracing the power of AI: How AI can help you optimize your brand outcomes.