Published date: Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Meet LoopMe at Mindshare Huddle

Mindshare’s Huddle returns for its 7th year taking place in London on November 15th. This year’s theme is ‘The New Era of Influence’ which will explore the changing nature of influence and where we as an industry are heading.

We’re delighted to be invited back to present a Huddle in room Coco at 3:00 PM and an Off-Huddle session which will run all day.

Confronting Unconcious Bias

Understanding our own unconscious bias is key to being better colleagues and better marketers. We know that advertising often relies on subjective assumptions and we want to equip brands with the tools and knowledge to tackle harmful stereotypes in marketing.

Join LoopMe’s International GM Peter O’Mara-Kane, Chief Data Scientist Leonard Newnham and Unconscious Bias Coach Anne-Marie Senior (Training & Consultancy Manager at Enei), in this eye-opening, interactive session which will showcase the issue of unconscious bias in media and explain how AI can have a role in fighting it.

Black Box of AI

Do you know the difference between AI and an algorithm? Could you explain what Deep Learning is? Do you know how AI is being used in advertising?

Make sure you stop by and step inside the Black Box of AI, allowing you to find out the answers to all your questions. We lift the lid on Artificial Intelligence, allowing you to experience it through videos, interactive quizzes and guides so you can apply it to your marketing and advertising.

View the full agenda and join in the conversation online with #MSHuddle. We look forward to seeing you there!