Published date: Wednesday, 25 October 2023

Embracing the power of AI: How AI can help you optimize your brand outcomes

How La Colombe and Kia Used AI to Improve Advertising Outcomes with LoopMe Asa Hiken - Reporter, Ad Age, Hermy Fernandez - SVP, Digital Investment, Canvas Worldwide, Marykate Byrnes - Director of Media & Growth, La Colombe, Lisa Coffey - Chief Revenue Officer, LoopMe

Last week thousands of advertisers flocked to New York city for the biggest advertising conference of the season—Advertising Week New York. During the busy week, there were many conversations centered on AI—the hard to ignore buzzword on everyone’s mind. LoopMe participated in the AI for the Modern Marketer: Delivering Business Outcomes for Your Brand panel. Moderated by Asa Hiken, from AdAge, the panelists included our Global Chief Revenue Officer, Lisa Coffey, La Colombe’s Director of Media and Growth Marketing, Marykate Byrnes, and Canvas Worldwide’s SVP Digital Investment, Hermy Fernandez. During the session the panelists acknowledged this notion that AI is a scary word for advertisers. They focused on highlighting the value of embracing AI to help optimize campaigns, acknowledged that speed and scale are accessible through LoopMe’s technology, and encouraged brand marketers to view AI as a tool to assist in delivering the best outcomes for their business.

Key takeaways

How should brand marketers think about AI?

It’s important for marketers to know and understand that AI can really help optimize campaigns. For example it can improve incrementality in finding net new customers. LoopMe drove 97% of the site traffic for La Colombe’s campaign, and 97% of those users were net new customers. For Kia, nearly half of all lifted users were found from LoopMe’s AI, delivering brand outcomes 4-7x above auto industry benchmarks. Adtech is an industry that is built on trust, but the biggest trust factor is the outcomes —AI can provide the right ones for brand marketers.

How does AI help your brand?

“The AI models work similar to having a package that has a bunch of different targeting line items on the plan, except when you want to make an optimization, you don’t have to send 50 emails and reissue the paperwork. Instead you’re acting in more real time and that saves everybody a bunch of time and money.” – Marykate Byrnes, La Colombe

“It is really nice to be able to look at the data and communicate it to the client, even for short term campaigns. So for us it is really beneficial to see the scale and speed.” – Hermy Fernandez, Canvas Worldwide

Where does a marketer start if they want to use AI?

“It’s important to educate yourself, don’t fear it. ChatGPT is a great testament that we still need humans to do this work. When thinking about AI, it’s about the intersection of performance to brand advertising – it’s the holy grail for me” – Lisa Coffey, LoopMe

LoopMe also took part in discussions on sustainability in adtech and converged TV measurement. Read the key takeways from these sessions here.