Published date: Tuesday, 14 February 2017

3 things to look out for at MWC

MWC: The largest gathering for mobile specialists, this year being held from Feb 27th – 2nd March 2017.

As you’re pacing the many stands across the eight halls, running from the conference to meetings, here’s three things to keep an eye out for.

New releases -> Sources at PCMag say that Blackberry are coming back with ‘Mercury’ a keyboard Android phone. While Samsung failed to release their latest model, S8 at CES, they are apparently not launching at MWC either, choosing to shoot for an April date. Apparently the ‘biggest phone at the show’ is likely to be the LG G6, which is released the day prior to MWC.

Convergence of TV and mobile -> Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix takes the keynote slot on Monday evening, which has previously been hosted by Mark Zuckerberg. Reed founded Netflix back in 1997, and it now has over 86 million subscribers around the world.

Netflix uses a data-driven approach to help target their audiences, and according to their blog they consider data visualisation to be of paramount importance. An interview back in 2013 revealed that they regularly look at colour analysis between titles to see which cause the best reactions from their audience.

Let’s hope that Reed gives attendees some further insight into their data analysis (and some sneak peeks of new shows) as this is sure to engage the audience.


Internet of Things -> Expect to see things you didn’t know were possible. Last year saw ‘intelligent’ Air Con, a connected tooth-brush and the Halo smart bracelet – although we’re yet to find it retailing online, one year on. There’s lot of workshops about this, including ‘Solutions For Your Internet Of Things’ We look forward to seeing more wonderful developments this year.


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