Published date: Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to use location data in your mobile video marketing

We recently announced that LoopMe have integrated with adsquare, the world’s neutral data exchange. As part of this integration, brands can now complement their DOOH campaign with LoopMe’s AI powered mobile marketing. You can read more about that here and on Mobile Marketing Magazine.

An MMA report released in November 2016 found that 46% of marketers and 47% felt that location data was critical to mobile marketing, while another 50% and 43% respectively saw it as important.

However just 10% of marketers and 13% of agencies used location-based targeting less than 20% of the time. Unsurprisingly, marketers are using location mostly on social and search, while video and rich-media lags behind at 40% and 42%.

Nevertheless, video has a key role to drive effective mobile campaigns and when paired with AI, can help you hit both brand and campaign goals.


Driving foot traffic – Most used by retailers, this strategy allows brands to target users with their video ad when they are in the location of the brand store, restaurant or offices. The most effective video format for these purposes is rich media or full screen video. At LoopMe we can also use our AI to optimise to those who are most likely to be in these locations and use a third party to verify this.


Competitor conquest – Similar to above, however here brands target users when they are in or approaching a direct competitor, to keep them front of mind instead. Suitable with any video formats, we would also suggest running a PurchaseLoop study which will allow you to measure user perception of your brand against that of your competitors.


Related locations – Taking the assumption that if a user visits a cinema, they will also be interested other entertainment activities like fitness and theatre. Advertisers can then actively target these areas of shared interest. Pair this with rich media and short form pre-roll videos which encourage consumers to watch the full trailers for an effective campaign.


Combining location data and AI leads to impressive results, as our case study with adsquare shows, with a 2x higher VCR than the control. Take a look at our suggestions to get the best AI results from your mobile campaigns.


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