Published date: Friday, 10 February 2017

P&G commit to TAG

In Marc Pritchard’s speech at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in January, he issued a clear call to the digital ad industry to clean up the supply chain.

It was there he announced that P&G are putting fraud at the heart of their clean-up efforts, and from now on would require all digital partners to participate in TAG’s ‘Certified Against Fraud’ program.

“At P&G, we decided this is an area for outside experts who have a much higher probability of staying ahead of the criminals than we ever will,” said Pritchard.

“We’re getting help from the Trustworthy Accountability Group, or TAG, a joint initiative of the ANA, 4As, and IAB. This is a powerful self-regulatory body aimed at eliminating fraudulent advertising and its partners in crime, such as sites that steal copyrighted content from our supply chain. We are insisting that any entity touching digital media must get TAG-certified during 2017 to help ensure they are free from fraud.”

TAG and LoopMe

It’s heartening to see a huge brand like P&G take a leading role and confirm their commitment to fraud free advertising. We believe that everyone in the digital advertising ecosystem should be working to the same goals. There’s no excuse for poor quality advertising and brands should be assured that with LoopMe, it is our top priority.

We are proud early adopters of TAG, when back in December 2016 we announced our approval by TAG as a participant in the TAG Registry, following a thorough background check and review process. We are also in the process of becoming TAG Certified Against Fraud, Piracy and Malware, as well as participating in TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines program.

We work to the highest possible standards to ensure brand safety and fraud free environments, and work with the likes of IAS, Moat and Forensiq to ensure third-party verification on our campaigns. As Marc Pritchard put it best: “We realize there is no sustainable advantage in a complicated, nontransparent, inefficient and fraudulent media supply chain.”

Find out more about TAG and our commitment to fraud free advertising: