LoopMe Consumer Snapshot:
The Big Game 2023

LoopMe surveyed 4,600 U.S. consumers on January 6-10, 2023 to understand intent to watch the big football game on February 12. We also analyzed where and how consumers intend to watch the big football game and their preferred type of commercial during the game.

PurchaseLoop Research Consumer Snapshot:
World Cup 2022

LoopMe surveyed 10,586 consumers across the UK, the US and Singapore from 25-30 August to understand sentiment towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Consumers were asked questions around where they intend to watch the World Cup, who they plan to watch it with and how familiar they are with tournament sponsors.

The findings are broken down by region. Please use the buttons below to download the insights now.

LoopMe surveyed a further 4,429 UK consumers on 6-13 October. Follow the button below to download the insights.

PurchaseLoop Research Consumer Snapshot: Euros

LoopMe surveyed 2,975 UK consumers on 20-24 May, 2021 to understand consumer intent to watch the Euros this year.

We also analysed what type of device consumers will use to watch the Euros, whether they will watch each Euros match for the full duration and who they plan to watch the Euros with.