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Auto research

LoopMe surveyed 2,159 U.S. consumers from November 13th-22nd, 2023 to understand the auto sales cycle as well as consumer preferences and intent to purchase a new vehicle.

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LoopMe Consumer Snapshot: Insurance

LoopMe surveyed 3,152 U.S. consumers from June 23-29, 2023 to understand consumer sentiment regarding car insurance. We also analyzed whether consumers prefer to bundle their car and home insurance and how often they review their policy.

LoopMe Consumer Snapshot: Auto

LoopMe surveyed 2,558 consumers in the UK on 6-12 April 2023 to understand what matters most when buying a car. We also analysed the type of vehicle consumers are looking to buy and how they feel about electric vehicles.

PurchaseLoop Research Consumer Snapshot

LoopMe surveyed 5,190 consumers on 14-16 May 2021 to understand consumer intent to purchase a new car and phone.

We also analysed whether consumers are considering getting a new credit card and are responsible for their household shopping.