LoopMe Hosts First Breakfast Event in Los Angeles

LoopMe held its first vertical breakfast event in Los Angeles, California last week, with a focus on the entertainment industry. We wanted our attendees to leave the event more knowledgeable about the importance of mobile and video, and how they could leverage the creative opportunities and data capabilities of the platform to create better campaigns. Our own Scott Shulman (VP, North America Sales) discussed the importance of mobile creative formats, data and targeting to the success of entertainment campaigns. Location data expert Peter Greb (Placed) educated the room on ways to incorporate location into campaign strategy.



Key Topics of Discussion:

Mobile is Most Effective

When shown an ad on television, more than half of viewers divert their attention to another device. Only 25% of users check another device while shown an ad on mobile, proving that the personal device demands and holds attention.


Video Works Best Across Brand Metrics

On Device found that video beat banner ad performance across all their 2016 campaigns, making it the most effective format across the board.


Creative Matters

When creating a video ad, it’s important to consider which formats you’ll be using on mobile. Choosing a format might seem limiting or boring, but it matters: in fact, interactive formats like rich media have been shown to increase metrics like brand perception (+91%) and engagement (+70%)–even purchase intent (+64%).


Mute It

Facebook research has shown that 80% of consumers tend to react negatively when sounds automatically plays during a video ad. Take the hint and create videos that don’t need sound to get the point across.


Data Rules All

Data is what makes AI possible, and powers product solutions that allow campaigns to optimize toward brand metrics and foot traffic. Mobile gives us access to data that you just can’t find on desktop, like location history, previous ad campaign history, app usage and more. The more data you have, the more targeted and successful your campaigns will be.


Thank you to all our attendees for coming out bright and early and braving the LA traffic. We had a great event, and hope to see you again soon!