Video of the Week: Harvey Nichols Wants To Dress Famous Men

The concept is startlingly good – the sort of tongue-in-cheek video campaign completed by short snappy footage – and means that Harvey Nichols should hypothetically be onto a winner. Pick famous people through history, make a joke about their fashion sense; the whole series makes some great comments about the looks of eminent individuals – including Obama, Einstein or Darwin. ¬†However, for a brand that deals specifically with both male and female branding, it feels strange that they’ve only picked out men – why not make a note about the looks of Marie Curie or Aung San Suu Kyi? History may be dominated by men, but why not put some women in the mix. Also, since when was Boris Johnson a great person? The former mayor doesn’t exactly rub shoulders with Obama or the person who discovered the nature of relativity.

Anyway, we’ll leave you to it.