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Managed DSP
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Managed, Programmatic & Self Serve Platform.

LoopMe’s award-winning advertising and optimization tools are available through a range of buying methods to facilitate success on your video advertising campaigns.

full stack platform

Our platform brings together attribution, AI and analytics to deliver outstanding brand advertising campaigns. Book and plan your video campaigns across mobile, desktop and connected TV, harnessing our data and artificial intelligence optimization tools for outstanding results against your campaign goal.

High Impact Video Advertising

Studies show video is the most impactful advertising format. LoopMe offers the full range of mobile video formats – pre-roll, vertical, native, 360 and award-winning rich media creative – to meet your campaign needs.

Combined with the immediacy, impact and intimacy of the mobile device, our range of video and rich media advertising formats will enable you to reach and influence your customers.

LoopMe also offer a range of cross-screen advertising formats, to take your campaign beyond mobile.

LoopMe’s industry leading artificial intelligence and mobile DMP identifies the impressions which will generate the best performance, delivering better results for brands and experiences for customers.

With over 4 billion devices analyzed to date, and hundreds of millions of AI decisions made every day, LoopMe’s optimization delivers the best results for your campaign.

Research shows clicks have no link to offline sales. LoopMe’s PurchaseLoopTM uses Artificial Intelligence to optimize campaigns directly to the metrics which matter to brands – Awareness, Consideration, Favorability, Intent and Foot Traffic.


From audience targeting to in-flight media optimization and real-time measurement. LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop product suite caters for all media campaign needs and measurably drives campaign results.

Viewable & Brand Safe

LoopMe partner with the industry’s leading 3rd parties to guarantee brand safety and viewability.