Published date: Thursday, 22 August 2019

LoopMe & Numerator join to deliver AI-driven sales optimization

New offering enables brands to optimize media campaigns using in-flight customer purchase data.

NY: 08/22/2019: LoopMe and Numerator have announced a new offering, opening up offline purchase data to deliver advertising campaign attribution and AI powered in-flight sales optimization. This integration feeds Numerator’s industry leading consumer panel consisting 450,000 active participants into LoopMe’s industry-best AI engine, linking outcomes to advertising to drive offline sales.

While D2C companies have disrupted retail norms, finding phenomenal success by going straight to the consumer with personalized products and offerings, many traditional retailers have had to rethink their marketing and data strategies, often limited by their access to consumer-level purchase data. The 1-1 correlation of Numerator product, brand and category level to consumers empowers LoopMe’s client base to drive sales across various retail categories regardless of purchase type (card, cash, online, in-store).

The collaboration was designed to provide traditional retailers with unprecedented access to consumer buying as a driver of media optimization recommendations.

Numerator has enabled traditional retailers to replicate D2C success through access to offline, customer purchase data. Their data — US’s largest consumer panel — is sourced from the purchase receipts of over 44k retailers, over 450k active participants, total over 700M receipts scanned to date. Major CPG, retail and QSR brands have already used this data to prove attribution from their advertising campaigns.

Together, LoopMe and Numerator makes attribution data work harder. LoopMe’s AI platform uses Numerator’s attribution data to train its artificial intelligence models, optimizing media campaigns using offline purchase data in-flight. This addition to LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop technology suite, will enable brands to target consumers with the highest propensity to make a purchase, delivering increased sales throughout the campaign.

“We have seen brands, particularly those who cannot use loyalty card transactions, struggle to access and make use of purchase data, putting them at a disadvantage compared to D2C challengers” commented LoopMe’s Senior Director – Platform & Data Partnerships, Dan Lapinski “PurchaseLoop Sales enables brands to use AI to optimize campaigns and generate incremental offline sales, leveraging Numerator validated purchase data, for the very first time.”

About LoopMe

Closing the loop on brand advertising.

LoopMe solves attribution in real time, uses AI to optimize media delivery and creates measurable, incremental uplift against sales and other marketing goals.

LoopMe’s 1st party data is sourced from proprietary brand surveys and mobile data. This is enhanced by third party data partnerships, which enable LoopMe to access data including credit card purchases, car registrations, loyalty card and TV viewership in-flight. Real-time AI optimization uses this data to optimize media performance to users delivering on brand outcomes, while transparent analytics provides clients with deep insights into their active audience.

About Numerator

Numerator is the leading provider of omnichannel insight into what, why and how consumers buy — and who those consumers are. 75% of Numerator’s Top 100 customers use multiple Numerator products. Numerator connects omnichannel purchase data (powered by the Numerator InfoScout OmniPanel) and comprehensive path data to deliver an unmatched view of the consumer shopping and purchase experience. Numerator is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with 1,400 employees in seven offices. Find out more at