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LoopMe Launches New Hate-Free Promise to Advertisers with Enhanced Brand Safety Controls for Avoidance of Hateful Content

New company quality controls protect brand ads across mobile, desktop and CTV within brand-safe, hate-free environments.

NEW YORK – JULY 16, 2020LoopMe, the outcomes-based video platform, today announced it has released new brand safety policies with a promise to advertisers to prevent ads from appearing alongside hateful and inflammatory content. The company is enhancing its existing brand safety protocols with more stringent controls over content that may be deemed as harassment or hate speech. This hate-free promise to advertisers comes as a response to the Stop the Hate for Profit campaign and the civil movements to correct injustices that have been brought to light during the past few months.

LoopMe’s new brand safety controls offer advertisers more transparency into media bought on LoopMe’s platform via a three-tiered approach based on a brand’s risk aversion criteria. Brands can take a very broad, conservative approach to blocking content or they can select specific sites, apps or areas of content they wish to avoid with LoopMe’s enhanced controls.

LoopMe also works with the leading verification companies in the industry depending on the advertiser’s choice of partner. Combined with LoopMe’s internal controls, advertisers will receive a more granular approach to brand safety with greater transparency and flexibility in their site lists and block lists.

This effort was spearheaded by an internal corporate responsibility task force at LoopMe. Lead task force member and sales director at LoopMe Jaimesh Patel says, “It was clear we had to take action here to do the right thing by our clients and for the industry. By providing a hate-free media environment for our clients to connect authentically with consumers – when we had the tech and ability to make a real impact for this cause – was a no brainer. I’m pleased to work at a company that takes this seriously and not only supports this important movement to create change in the industry, but then institutes real policy changes to live up to those claims.”

“At LoopMe, we value doing the right thing — and there’s no better way to live that value than to take action when we can to support the movement to stop hate for profit,” says Stephen Upstone, CEO and co-founder of LoopMe. “We’re putting the money where our mouth is and taking action to remove hateful content from our supply chain, helping our brand advertisers gain assurances for scalable audiences, driving outcomes for those audiences beyond media metrics alone, and within brand-safe environments.”

The new brand-safe media packages are available now. For more information, contact

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