Published date: Wednesday, 9 December 2020

LoopMe Launches AI Outcomes Guarantee Allowing Advertisers to Drive Business Outcomes

New first-to-market solution will offer an exclusive brand lift guarantee on key performance indicators

LONDON – DECEMBER 9, 2020 – LoopMe, the leading outcomes-based digital advertising platform, has launched an AI outcomes guarantee solution that offers an exclusive market-first guarantee on a suite of brand lift key performance indicators (KPIs). This new artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution allows advertisers the ability to further maximise their media investments through providing guarantees on effectiveness goals such as ad recall, brand lift, brand affinity, consideration and purchase intent. The solution, which was first trialed as a beta by The Very Group earlier this year, is now widely available for global advertisers.

“Earlier this year, Vizeum and The Very Group partnered with LoopMe to trial the effectiveness of LoopMe’s new AI Outcomes Guarantee buying model, powered by LoopMe’s in-flight brand lift measurement capabilities,” said Jill Bothwell, Partner at Amplifi UK, the media investment division of dentsu U.K. & Ireland.  “In a media-first, by trading on a new suite of digital KPIs and with make-good assured, we were able to focus investment efficiently toward ad-effectiveness guarantees for our client.”

“The test performed brilliantly, delivering an impressive 15% incremental AI uplift on consideration to shop, surpassing the guaranteed KPI by 50%,” continued Bothwell. “It’s great to be at the forefront of this new approach to drive greater accountability for brand planning and measurement.  We look forward to evolving this innovative way of placing our clients’ diverse range of ad-effectiveness KPIs at the heart of campaign investment.”

LoopMe’s full-stack tech platform, PurchaseLoop, harnesses mobile data and uses a powerful combination of closed-loop attribution tools, AI and analytics to deliver performance against business outcomes. The platform leverages a proprietary measurement engine to process brand lift results in real-time and leverages a gold standard consistent, persistent and current methodology throughout the entire campaign for actual brand lift results. If advertisers do not see an agreed upon lift in performance against these goals, LoopMe will run make-goods at no charge to give brands and agencies assurances that their media efforts are making a material impact.

“LoopMe has been a key partner in helping us achieve our primary KPIs and deliver impressive creative engagement for our clients,” said Kishan Parmar, Display Partner at Amplifi U.K., the media investment division of dentsu U.K. & Ireland. “With this new cost per outcome guarantee, we can leverage LoopMe’s AI-optimized models to garner new learnings on our target segments and continually increase the effectiveness of our campaigns.”

“This cost per outcome guarantee offers flexibility for our teams to cut through the noise and aligns with our attention economy model to gain results that truly matter,” said Euan Jarvie, Chief Executive Officer, dentsu U.K. & Ireland. “Moving beyond proxy metrics like video completion rates and clicks, our work with LoopMe has helped us to deliver outcomes-driven advertising for our clients through scalable technology that consistently delivers a quality audience that meets their KPIs. We’re now better enabled to attribute the media that’s making a difference, increasing our advertising efficiencies and incrementality.”

“At LoopMe, we’ve always been focused on closing the loop on brand advertising, creating better consumer experiences through innovation and powered by data with the promise of bringing brands and people together,” says Stephen Upstone, LoopMe’s CEO and co-founder. “We’re confident in our PurchaseLoop technology that consistently delivers brand goals to drive incrementality for brands. With the launch of AI Outcomes Guarantee, it brings us one step closer to providing our clients the framework needed to map media investments back to real world results.”

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