LoopMe Driving Advertising Forward with Mobile in Motion

On Wednesday 25th May, LoopMe held their latest educational breakfast, ‘Mobile in Motion’. Focusing exclusively on the automotive industry, the event was a fantastic opportunity to discuss all things mobile and automotive, with talks from a variety of speakers. With the automotive industry being such a large advertising sector, it was exciting to see a number of creative solutions being promoted, as well as debate on the best advertising formats for maximum brand impact.

Selling a vehicle is an entirely different process to selling a consumer product, or promoting the latest film release. As such, advertisers and brands have to adapt their strategies to suit the required audiences – a process that is dependent on personal devices like mobile. With developments in mobile advertising through innovations in ad targeting, data and creatives (especially the rise of 360 video and rich media), those working in digital are now provided with a plethora of opportunities to engage and inform their consumers.

LoopMe would like to thank all of the morning’s speakers for their insightful and engaging contributions to the event: