Hack to the Future: LoopMe Holds Its First Hackathon

LoopMe’s very first Hackathon, The Data Science Challenge, took place last week and we’ve certainly raised the bar high.

We invited top Data Science talent from across Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev, and they came out in force to LoopMe’s Ukraine office. The 14 data scientists spent five hours hacking, attempting to outperform the others and be crowned winner.

The event offered a unique opportunity to experiment and try out ideas on a real-world ad targeting data-set and used data collected from LoopMe’s real-time targeting engine to improve response rates to targeted mobile adverts.

After helping themselves to refreshments, the data scientists had the opportunity to get the feel of the LoopMe office and experience what it was like to work in the midst of the LoopMe innovation team.

Getting down to business, the hackathon was extremely tight, with the competitor leader changing from one minute to the next, as they battled to deliver the best possible results.

Finally it was all over, and the winners received their prizes, with the top five competitors invited to interview for the position of Data Scientist & Analyst in the LoopMe innovation team.

We really enjoyed the event and hope everyone had a fantastic time. Watch this space for our next Innovation event.