Published date: Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Employee spotlight:
Rocky Zheng

Shanghai-based Sales Manager Rocky Zheng shares his experiences, motivations and aspirations in the latest of LoopMe’s employee spotlights.

Life at LoopMe

Why did you decide to join LoopMe?
I joined LoopMe because I’m really into tech and advertising, and PurchaseLoop is right at the heart of both. I’m betting that AI and tech are going to massively reshape the advertising scene in the next few years, and I want to be part of that change. Also, China is a big and exciting market that I’m keen to dive into to help grow our business. Plus, I’m super excited about working with the awesome APAC team!

Can you discuss a skill you’ve acquired or developed while working at LoopMe?
Working with a new market needs a solid strategy, good allies, and a worldwide view. Yes, sales folks always aim to increase profits. But with LoopMe being a bit of a mystery to many potential clients here, it’s vital to team up and produce informative content to win people’s trust. The hurdles in the Chinese market have stretched my vision from just focusing on sales to seeing the bigger, global picture. I’m always pushing to make new progress.

Do you have any WFH routines or rituals?
After a long day of meetings, I enjoy a short break playing with my cat, Tongtong. I also like to cook meals as a reward. Both petting Tongtong and cooking meals help me recharge while working from home.

Who are you?

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Born and raised in Wenzhou, China, I studied in New Jersey and New York for three years. After graduation, I lived in Texas, Beijing, and Shanghai. My career spans technology and advertising, having worked at Oracle, LinkedIn, Cloudera, and now LoopMe. I’m a fan of hitting the road and exploring new places during my time off. I’ve driven coast to coast in the US, from New York to California, and completed a similar trek in China, from Beijing to Guangzhou. My travels also took me to Latin America and Southeast Asia. Europe is on my to-visit list. And I’m really excited about the upcoming meeting with the APAC team in Singapore. Furthermore, if you’re planning a trip to China, you can’t miss visiting Shanghai. Send me a message and I’ll guide you to some of my favorite dining spots in the city.

Do you have any hobbies?
Experimenting with different coffees and bubble teas! Believe it or not, Shanghai is like a coffee lover’s paradise, boasting the highest number of coffee shops globally. My day typically kicks off with a cup of coffee. And that’s not all – I love taking a cup of coffee along when I visit partners like a friendly gesture. And when it’s time to meet clients, I always prefer a cozy coffee shop. There’s just something about sipping on coffee and discussing business that seems perfect.

What was your greatest achievement last year?
Last year, I was licensed to host another TEDx event in my community and I also volunteered at a few local charities. I met a lot of new people who are as passionate about inspiring speeches and helping out as I am. This year, I’m turning my focus to the future of graphic and video content, which is set to dramatically change because of AI. AIGC is a hot topic in my discussions with agencies and clients, so I’m planning to spend some time learning more about it.