Published date: Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Employee spotlight:
Matt Costabile

Life at LoopMe

Why did you decide to join LoopMe?
When I was interviewing with LoopMe in the summer of 2017, I had exhausted some of the freelance consulting work I had been doing solo – I wanted to work with smart people doing smart things. Right from my initial interview to everyone I spoke with on my way in, it was clear LoopMe was doing exactly that.

What project or event has been your favorite to work on at LoopMe?
Getting Programmatic Guaranteed off the ground was a great end-to-end project! We needed to secure buy-in from sales execs, get status updates from product as well as our clients, and when the product was ready roll it out to our sellers, CS here and abroad alike. A wonderful six-month project that is still paying dividends today!

Can you discuss a skill you’ve acquired or developed while working at LoopMe?
I started here as the Programmatic Lead in CS, and the only dedicated programmatic resource in the US – as a result I had to get a lot of information out to people quickly. Above all else, my speaking to a group/presentation skills have excelled tenfold since I first started. People have legitimately asked, “have you done public speaking training?” and the answer is not quite – I’ve just spoken a lot in front of very attentive Loopers.

Who are you?

Tell us a bit about yourself
New York born and bred, I now live a whole 15 minutes from where I grew up out on Long Island. Dog and two cats in the home so things are always lively. Oldest of three kids, I’ve got a younger sister and brother.

Do you have any hobbies?
Many other Loopers in NYC that see my folding bike know I’m quite into cycling – if I’m just going myself I’d almost always rather bike than drive. Been playing guitar and bass since I was 14 with no signs of slowing down – it’d be insane to stop now! Quite a big vinyl record collection that you often see on my virtual meetings if I’m remote. As always a long-suffering sports fan of the New York Islanders and Mets (though hopefully that changes soon).

What was your biggest achievement in 2022?
This is not a joke – I got one of those 12 ft Skeletons from Home Depot for the yard and we haven’t taken it down. The plan is to keep it up all year. It had a little Santa cap and wreath for Christmas, is holding a heart for Valentine’s Day, and we’ve got a leprechaun cap for St Patrick’s Day next month. If anyone has any leads on 3XL Hawaiian shirts and giant sunglasses for the summer, please let me know.