Published date: Wednesday, 17 June 2020

A Call to Action from LoopMe’s Co-founders on Black Lives Matter

In the past few weeks we have all taken the time to reflect upon recent events. Whilst this has been a tumultuous time for many communities around the world where systemic racism has been ignored for far too long – it has also been a time of empowerment and togetherness.

We understand that without intentional and deliberate change, racism and social injustice will not go away. As a company, we are working hard to ensure we educate, communicate and take the necessary steps to ensure diversity and inclusion are at the core of our culture.

As a first step, we are undertaking the following actions:

•  Juneteenth as a paid leave day: To commemorate independence, freedom, Black history and culture, we are giving all US employees one day of paid leave on Friday, 19th June.

•  Unconscious bias training: All LoopMe employees will be asked to complete learning modules on unconscious bias.

•  Encouraging open dialogue: We are creating internal anti-racism resources to further our collective education. We hope this will foster open dialogue in the organisation. 

•  Causes we are supporting: Our teams are working with clients and employees around the globe to create programmes that support the Black Lives Matter movement, with all proceeds being donated to the cause.

•  Corporate social responsibility and LoopMe Gives Back Day: We are creating forums across our global offices to lead LoopMe CSR Committees.  This will enable us to formalise a company wide employee plan to support relevant causes that drive diversity and inclusion.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our communities, we are launching a LoopMe Gives Back Day. All offices will have one day every year, during working hours, to give back to communities in any way they decide. 

•  Setting expectations and accountability: To truly change our culture, we need all of our employees to champion anti-racist behaviours. 

We understand that this is not a point in time exercise but an ongoing commitment to our internal and external community. We are committed to supporting everyone through these difficult times and also to ensuring that we are doing all we can to create an environment where diversity is prioritised and each employee feels empowered to drive change. 

As a company, we support the Black Lives Matter movement and will continue to ensure we are doing everything we can to promote equality, fairness, and freedom of expression.

Stephen and Marco

Co-Founders of LoopMe