Published date: Thursday, 8 March 2018

How to reach the B2B consumer

This week saw LoopMe host a breakfast discussion at the Sky Garden, London, bringing together B2B agency marketers to discuss how ‘data’ can be used to target the B2B consumer.

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Data is the mobile currency of the B2B consumer 

The morning was kicked-off by Peter O-Mara Kane, GM International at LoopMe discussing how data is the mobile currency of the B2B consumer.

Pete explained that there are several trends that we see in B2B consumers which lend themselves to mobile marketing. First, they’re extremely ‘time poor’ leading to less TV consumption and engage with most of their content on mobile.

Pete then went on to stress the importance for marketers to stop looking at these consumers as an audience segment, and rather as people. This provides marketers with an opportunity to be more creative in the assets used and ‘how’ and ‘when’ we target them.

Riding the waves of intent data 

Next up was Brian Hersholt, Managing Director at Bombora who spoke about how they use intent data to enhance B2B campaigns. According to Brian, only 15% of the target audience is interested in what the product or service a company has to offer. This makes targeting business buyers when they are interested critical.

Why to get excited about GDPR

We rounded off the morning hearing from Paul Snell, Deputy Editor of B2B Marketing who presented on why marketers should embrace May 25th (the GDPR deadline), stressing that it will not be gloom and doom.

Paul is so upbeat about GDPR as it brings a spotlight on marketing and it provides marketers a great opportunity to revaluate their communication strategy and think of new ways to engage their consumers.

Click here to check out Paul’s 5 reasons to embrace GDPR.


Thanks again to our brilliant speakers for their insights, we hope to see you all at another event soon!