Published date: Monday, 23 October 2017

LoopMe Awards US: Voting is Now Open

We’re excited to announce that you can now vote for your favorite PurchaseLoop campaign.

The LoopMe Awards looks to celebrate the best in AI-optimized mobile video advertising. The shortlisted campaigns have all used PurchaseLoop to deliver enhanced campaign results and fulfill brand marketing objectives. Voting is open until October 30th–you can only vote once,  so make your vote count!

The final four campaigns for the US LoopMe Awards are:


Aud & PHD Media: Audi was one of the first brands in the United States to run a PurchaseLoop | Foot Traffic campaign with the intent of increasing dealership visits in their Sunbelt market (Los Angeles). Using location data from Placed and AI optimization, LoopMe was able to track and directly optimize for dealership visitation, serving ads only toward audiences and environments with the highest propensity for visiting an Audi dealership. The use of this technology resulted in a +31% increase in visits to dealerships in the LA area.

Jockey & Pure Growth: Pure Growth approached LoopMe with the task of raising awareness for the Jockey brand and their “Show ‘Em What’s Underneath” campaign. Originally a test, this campaign turned into a four-flight, full-year PurchaseLoop effort that ran throughout 2017. Through PurchaseLoop, awareness of the Jockey brand rose by 70%, and purchase intent increased by 30%.


Butterball & Y&R: Y&R worked with LoopMe in the Summer of 2017 to promote Butterball’s Every Day campaign, with the goal to increase brand awareness and purchase intent amongst ad viewers for the brand’s new products. LoopMe’s display of the Butterball ad increased purchase intent by +26% (exposed AI). The campaign also surpassed both benchmarks for VCR (+80%) and CTR (+0.35%). LoopMe’s AI accounted for a +3% uplift in VCR and +50% uplift in CTR.

Norwegian Air & Vizeum: Vizeum partnered with LoopMe on Norwegian Air’s inaugural 737-Max campaign to drive awareness of their new non-stop routes to Ireland and Scotland. To measure brand impact outside of standard metrics, LoopMe asked a group of control and exposed users within the target audience if they knew of these new non-stop routes to measure initial awareness. Once the responses were analyzed, LoopMe’s AI & DMP worked in tandem to actively target an optimized audience segment with the Norwegian Air creative to increase awareness by 94%.


What is PurchaseLoop?

PurchaseLoop is the world’s first brand uplift optimizer, driving better results across the metrics which matter in real-time. PurchaseLoop goes beyond campaign metrics to deliver the metrics that really matter. Check out our video to learn about how PurchaseLoop works.
To dive deeper into each campaign and vote for your favorite, click here. Good luck to all the nominees!