Published date: Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Highlights from dmexco 2017

Another September has nearly passed, which means the 8th annual dmexco is over! The theme this year was ‘Lightening: The Age of Transformation’ with a real focus on the tumultuous digital revolution that we’re currently in and what more marketers can do to keep up with this incredibly fast paced industry.

Dmexco 2017 proved to be another great event, with over 500 international speakers across 18 different stages and tens of thousands of industry leading experts in attendance. LoopMe also hosted one of our renowned ‘Innovation Dinners’, at the Chiltern Firehouse, a networking event for clients of LoopMe to discuss latest trends and best practices. We’d like to take this opportunity to big thank all those who were in attendance.

Luckily for those who couldn’t attend, dmexco upload all their keynotes online – here are three of the best.

AI – The Hidden Super Power Driving The Experience Business

One of the most memorable talks at dmexco was hearing from Suresh Vittal, (VP of Platform & Products, Adobe) who spoke about the impact that AI is having on the experience business. He believes that no matter what industry you’re in, or product you’re selling, we’re all in the business of ‘experience’, due to a shift in consumer mentality. He stated that “we see consumers everywhere, not just buying a product or service, but they also focus on the experience which accompanied with it”.

Hosted on day 2 of dmexco, Vittal described the 3 fundamental pillars needed to create a great customer experience which are ‘focused, adaptive and intelligent’, necessary so they appeal to the individual’s voices and needs the consumer has. He went on to pull out a statistic from Adobe’s work with the University of London stating that “50% of customers said that the regular use of innovative technology enhances the consumer experience” pointing towards how important AI will be to improve customer experience in the coming years. Click here to watch the full video.

With Data & Creativity Into The Consumer’s Heart

How to seamlessly combine creativity and data to create the ultimate marketing beast is a question that every brand is considering..

An all-star panel, which included reps from Spotify, Heineken and MasterCard addressed this burning issue. Robert Schwartz, (Global Leader of Agency Services, IBM) responded to the moderator Jim Cooper’s (Editorial Director at Ad  Week) who questioned how brands are underestimating the power of the consumer. Schwartz responded, “Building brands is building experiences, and that requires good data. You can’t stand on Mount Olympus and get them to believe what your brand is doing, you have to deliver an experience with them.”

Schwartz said that he didn’t view data and creativity as polar opposites, rather ‘there’s creativity everywhere, and there’s data everywhere and it’s how you deploy those things to build the best set of experience which is most important’. Click here to watch the full video.

Creating Digital Content – New Formats, New Platforms, New Storytelling

Last, but certainly not the least on our round up is the talk ‘Creating Digital Content – New Formats, New Platforms, New Storytelling’ which featured in our article ‘5 Things You Can’t Miss At This Year’s dmexco’. Hosted on day 2 Tom Punch (Chief Commercial & Creative Officer, Vice Media) and Kevin Allocca (Global Head of Culture & Trends, YouTube) took to the stage to explain how new platforms were impacting marketing.

One of the most interesting takeaways was when Tom discussed how Vice has changed over the last decade from a media company which produces documentaries in long format, (primarily on YouTube); to a company producing content on all platforms.

He described how the mindset of the company had to change to ‘multi-channel thinking’. When ideas are discussed for upcoming projects they now consider first and foremost ‘how can this translate onto other devices?’.

Its this change in mind-set that’s given Vice the ability to reinvent themselves and adapt to the industries rapidly changing environment, and why it remains so popular in media. Watch the talk in full here.