Published date: Monday, 21 August 2017

5 Things You Can’t Miss at Dmexco

It’s that time of year again, dmexco 2017 is just around the corner, and we’re excited to be attending. This years event is shaping up to be better than ever, bringing together the world’s leading thought leaders, influencers and decision makers in the global digital industry. From Septmber 13th – 14th the hall will see a diverse range of businesses from start-ups to major brands discussing their views and best practices under the motto ‘Lightening the Age of Transformation’.  That in mind, we’ve picked out 5 things you simply can’t miss.

Human Touch: Men and Machine Transforming for The Better

There’s been a lot of debate and fear-mongering around how AI will affect humans in the future. Will computers eventually replace us? Who is going to regulate it? Elon Musk recently even commented that AI could be more dangerous than North Korea. Sonja Moosburger and Limor Schweitzer of Mediamrkstaturn Retail Group and RoboSavvy respectively will look to combat these claims, instead discussing how machine’s data analytical prowess and man’s creativity can work as one. As we move closer to a world in which all marketing will become data driven this seminar is a must attend.

Creating Digital Content – New Formats, New Platforms, New Storytelling

Tom Punch (Chief Commercial & Creative Officer) at Vice Media and Kevin Allocca (Global Head of Culture & Trends) at YouTube will be 2 of a 4 panel line up which you can see here. This seminar which will be held in the new Experience Hall on day 2 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events. Tom and Kevin will be discussing the all things video, from new and emerging formats such as Gifs and live streams, to how a mobile first world, coupled with increased video consumption is changing the way that advertisers, creators and producers convey their message to their audience.

Preparing for GDPR: Embracing the inevitable regulations

2018 is a landmark for in terms of data protection, as the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect as of May 28th 2018. The new GDPR, put in place by the EU to regulate the use of personal data by business and entities is the biggest shake-up in data protection law in the last 20 years.

The ‘Preparing for GDPR: Embracing the inevitable regulations’ debate features Stephan Loerke of the World Federation of Advertisers and will look to analyse the key challenges facing the digital advertising industry. Companies are now required to have direct user consent before using an individual’s data and if they don’t could face huge fines of up to 4% of their worldwide turnover. Make sure you don’t miss this seminar in the debate hall from 14:05 to 14:35 PM on day 1.

Is mobile everything? Blurring boundaries VS. Channel specific thinking?

The big conundrum on every marketer’s lips: the mobile web V the stationary web. Should the modern marketer see these as two separate entities or one big ‘thing’. This talk will feature Maike Abel and Katja Reis from Nestle and Publicis Media is sure to be a thrilling debate as it looks to tackle this burning issue.

dmexco Video advertising VIP private networking event

Last, but certainly not the least of our must go to events at this year’s dmexco is the ‘video advertising VIP private networking’ event. This which will be held on day 1 will contain two exclusive sessions with main focus on video advertising.

Session 1: Is programmatic video going to change the media buying landscape?

Session 1 will include debating answering some of the industries most asked questions sucha as what exactly is “Outstream”, which new formats are the most common, and how will the DSP’s enable buying Outstream units? What are the benefits for publishers in using more Outstream units?

Session 2: Data is the New King: Re-Aggregating Audiences in the Programmatic Era.

In this session, the panel will be discussing where programmatic businesses should invest and the potential challenges it faces.

LoopMe are fortune enough to have four free tickets to this exclusive event, so if you’re attending dmexco this year and would like to attend this networking event, or similarly  would like to learn how our cutting-edge AI can boost your brand video campaigns. Click here to register your interest.