Published date: Wednesday, 16 August 2017

LoopMe Achieves TAG's Certified Against Fraud Seal

After registering with TAG in December 2016, we’re delighted that as of August, LoopMe have received TAG’s Certificate Against Fraud.

For those who aren’t familiar, TAG are a cross-industry accountability program, created for transparency in the digital ad industry. Its focus is in four areas: eliminating fraudulent digital ad traffic, combating malware, fighting ad-supported Internet piracy to promote brand integrity, and promoting brand safety through greater transparency.

The 2016 ANA/White Ops Bot Fraud study estimated that advertisers lose $7.2 billion per year globally to bot-generated, non-human traffic. This is a criminal enterprise and as a result, advertisers end up paying criminals who generate ad impressions that are never seen by humans. TAG’s Certification Against Fraud aims to combat this.

LoopMe are committed to quality advertising, with stringent internal and external brand safety measures used.

What does being Certified Against Fraud mean?

LoopMe’s team have worked to meet the following certification requirements, as outlined by TAG. 

Comply with Media Rating Council IVT (Invalid Traffic) Guidelines

Developed in 2015, this gives guidance on the filtering of invalid digital traffic. For this LoopMe have adopted the General Invalid Traffic guidelines which filters traffic through applications of lists and other parameter checks such as known data-center traffic, bots, spiders and other crawlers. This traffic is filtered and ads are not run through it.

Employ Domain list filtering

We have developed and are subscribing to a list of internet domains identified as ‘high risk’ for invalid traffic and invalid ad impressions, which are applied to all current and future transactions within LoopMe’s platform.

Employ Data Center IP list filtering

To reduce the volume of illegitimate ad inventory in order to avoid untrustworthy parties in the supply chain, we have developed and subscribe to a list of IP addresses that have been identified as the origin of invalid traffic and invalid ad impressions, which are also applied to all current and future transactions.

Implement the Payment ID Protocol

This is to reduce the volume of illegitimate ad inventory sold by buyers, to avoid untrustworthy parties and to take action if a party is supplying illegitimate inventory. This allows full transparency around who is buying and selling inventory, a major step towards limiting the impact of fraud in the ad ecosystem.

As part of our continued commitment to brand safety, all of the above are reassessed on a quarterly basis by our TAG Compliance Officer.

Next steps

We are working to finalize our other TAG certifications against Piracy, against Malware and in support of TAG’s Inventory Quality Guidelines, and we hope to have more milestones to announce soon.

Get in touch if you have any further questions around our brand safety measure and our work with TAG.