Published date: Thursday, 4 May 2017

PurchaseLoop | Foot Traffic

 98% of retailers are interested in an advertising solution which could drive people into store.

 Say hello to our latest product, PurchaseLoop Foot Traffic!


Our award-winning PurchaseLoop product can now optimize toward in-store foot traffic, improving advertising results in real-time.


The product uses our unique AI intelligence to deliver ads at the moment users are most likely to generate a store visit.


How does this work?

We used 3rd party location data from the likes of Placed, Factual or adsquare to indentify which users visit a desired location after viewing a mobile ad.


The data associated with these audience profiles (time the ad was served, user online behaviour, user location history, ad type etc) is then incorporated into LoopMe’s AI engine predicted model using machine learning.


This allows us to refine the AI’s targeting and reach more users in the moment that they’re likely to be persuaded to visit a store, as the diagram below shows.


Third party verified

Our own location capabilities are enhanced through integrations with leading data providers. These include Placed, adsquare and Factual.


Concurrent control groups

We believe in transparency. Every PurchaseLoop campaign uses concurrent control groups to demonstrate the average number of visits to your retail outlets, the impact of your standard advertising campaign and the uplift delivered by our AI optimization.


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