Published date: Monday, 3 April 2017

How to integrate AI into creativity

ross_aiNamed ‘Innovator of the Year’ by Facebook in 2016, ReFUEL4 is the world’s leading AI-driven online creative management platform. Using AI and Machine Learning technology, they analyse, rank and automatically refresh online ad creatives designed by their global pool of 10,000 creative talent.

We’re delighted to have Ross Sheil, ReFUEL4’s EMEA GM join us as a keynote speaker at our conference. Ross is currently busy building ReFUEL 4’s team and operations from the EMEA HQ in London. He has held a variety of leadership roles in tech, from start-up to corporate, most recently as a founding member of Twitter EMEA where he was Head of Mobile. Ross has been honoured with various accolades including Tech Person of the Year #ECA16, Top Mobile Execs 2015 and Top Mobile Keynotes 2016 and is a well known lecturer and speaker on tech and mobile marketing.

Ross will be giving a keynote on ReFUEL 4’s latest AI in Advertising whitepaper, joining Alex Kozloff, Ron Chrisley and more. Check out the rest of our speakers and register your attendance here.

Incorporating a data-driven approach to advertising has until recently been challenging. Creative departments lack access to campaign data and analysis, which are usually only available to their media buying counterparts.

Most creative decisions are made subjectively and many marketers are not sure if their campaigns will work prior to activating them.

The solution? Artificial Intelligence.

While it may seem strange to pair creativity with AI, this isn’t a new concept.

Back in 2015, M&C Saatchi unveiled an “artificially intelligent poster” for an OOH campaign on London’s Oxford Street. Dubbed a “Darwinian” campaign, the poster read the reactions of its audience and adapted itself accordingly. From its initial “gene pool” of pictures and copy, 22 ads were created in each generation, with the poster assessing the level of success of an ad. If successful, a particular ad will move to the next gene pool and be part of the next generation. Those unsuccessful were removed.


ReFUEL4 works with human designers powered by AI and automation to create smarter ads. Our AI engine   provides predictive analysis of each creative before they are even activated in campaigns. Based on each campaign’s AI scoring, advertisers can make better selections on the ad creatives to run.

The creative process will be increasingly informed by AI during the planning stage. Designers can be informed by AI-fuelled insights on creative direction that will produce the best desired results for each target audience, even before they start drafting the designs. This enables a more efficient process where designers already know the ideal combination of elements such as colours, objects, styles and shapes that they should use in their work.

Could a robot take jobs from designers and marketers?

According to evidence from the BBC’s calculator – no. There’s just a 5% likelihood of automation for graphic designers, as coming up with creative and original ideas, for example artists, designers or engineers hold a significant advantage in the face of automation.

On the contrary, AI and automation are going to make marketing more efficient and free up time for marketers to perform human tasks that will, perhaps, never be fully executable by a machine.

What’s next?

AI looks set to play a significant role in the advertising world in the days to come.

You may be familiar with McCann Japan’s ‘AI Creative Director’. Following the analysis and deconstruction of award-winning ads, the AI was fed with data that would help them determine which factors make the perfect ad for any given product or message (check the videos out here). When put to the polls, the human creative came out top for favourability, but it was a close call.

AI is reshaping the marketing landscape as we know it – don’t exclude your creativity from it.

Hear more from Ross on April 11th. RSVP here.