Published date: Monday, 20 March 2017

The brand safe video solution

Following on from ‘methbots’ in 2016, brand safety has hit headlines once again. Due to a perceived persistent failure to take down extremist content in a timely manner, brands including M&S, HSBC, McDonald’s and Royal Mail are no longer advertising with Google as they are concerned that their ads are appearing alongside inappropriate content.

This rightly puts other video platforms in the spotlight to assess their brand safety measures. We would like to reassure our clients of our stringent internal and external processes to ensure brand safety.

Our platform is built to track and deliver 100% human traffic and viewability, in brand safe environments.

The technology identifies any ad requests which could potentially be non-human or in a non-safe environment (including content on premium sites e.g. news articles containing distressing content) and blocks these pre-bid, as soon as the request is received, well before an ad can be served.

Internally, we utilise a variety of methods. These include:

–       Pre-bid brand quality filters

–       Manual ad spot quality vetting

–       URL / video keyword blocks

–       Human verification for each app and mobile website on boarded

We also work with multiple external third party providers (IAS, Forensiq, Double Verify, Moat) to independently verify that your campaigns run in the right environments.

As the below image shows, our figures from Q1 indicate that our campaigns are viewable, brand safe and premium.

brand safety

If you have any questions about running advertising with LoopMe then please get in touch.