Published date: Friday, 27 January 2017

5 steps to drive better AI results

At LoopMe, we are pioneers in AI driven mobile video marketing. Our proprietary DMP processes over 1 trillion data points every day and we recently hit a new milestone with over 2 billion unique devices reached on the platform.

Some of our clients have asked what they can do to drive better results with AI. Here are our suggestions to get the most from your mobile video marketing:

– Wider site lists – Restricting your campaign to run on just 10 sites means that the AI is severely restricted with the pool of users it has to learn from. Opening your campaign to a wider network, while still remaining brand safe and viewable, gives the AI greater opportunities to reach audiences who can help you achieve your campaign KPI’s.

– Longer campaign duration – AI continuously self learns, typically creating new models of learning every ten minutes. The longer the campaign, the more time the AI has to learn and apply the lookalike models.

Choose your KPI’s carefully – Giving the AI more than one KPI to work to – such as VTR and CTR can mean the AI is actually working against itself to deliver the campaign to target. Choose one and watch the uplift soar.

– Appropriate formats – If your KPI is completed views, but your format is an unskippable video, then is this a good measure of success? AI technology knows which format works best for each user and so we encourage brands to run multiple video formats with each campaign. With so many formats made for mobile like native and vertical, this will help your campaign make a real impact.

– Good creatives – AI can only do so much! Make sure your creative is designed for the mobile screen, is engaging and encourages consumers to interact with it. Then AI can get to work.

Our latest product, PurchaseLoop looks to optimise to metrics that go beyond clicks and views, but to ones which drive down through the funnel, like affinity, purchase intent or whatever the campaign KPI’s are. Find out more about PurchaseLoop.