Published date: Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Press: AdExchanger - Moving Beyond Old Metrics

Printed in AdExchanger, December 2016
Traditional video metrics aren’t really cutting it for advertisers, especially on mobile.Moat is making the attempt with its Video Score metric released in late November. Predicated on the notion that not every viewable impression is created equal, the metric aims to help properly measure digital video exposures across platforms by looking at how much of a video was seen and heard amplified by the percentage of real estate the ad occupied on a user’s screen.It’s only intuitive that a vertical video on Snapchat, with its average view time of less than three seconds, should be valued differently from an outstream video on desktop, a video in the Facebook news feed or a repurposed TV ad shrunk down for size.But that intuition doesn’t address whether an advertiser met its core KPIs.

“Advertisers are spending to drive engagement and traffic so that users stick around for the long haul and take certain key actions regardless of the medium,” said Doug Roberge, product marketing manager at in-app video company Vungle.

And there’s often a disconnect between video metrics and advertiser KPIs.

“The marketers we talk to are focused on ROI,” said Scott Shulman, VP of North America sales at mobile video platform LoopMe. “They don’t really care about proxy metrics like video completion rate or clicks or even on-target impressions. That doesn’t grow anyone’s business.”

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