Published date: Thursday, 23 June 2016

LoopMe Launch 360° Video SDK for iOS & Android

LoopMe are pleased to announce that LoopMe’s SDK now supports 360o video advertising on android and iOS.

Following the success of the 360o Robinson Crusoe campaign, run on mobile web, LoopMe have built the functionality into their SDK, ensuring brands can reach their consumers with engaging, immersive video experiences whether they are browsing in-app or on mobile web.

The ability to deliver 360o video advertising on android & iOS, in app and on mobile web significantly enhances the reach brands can achieve with their 360o video content, opening up the whole of LoopMe’s video inventory to 360o video – a total of 1.5 billion unique users worldwide.

“With newer formats…scale can be a concern, but LoopMe were able to build the creative in such a way that allowed us to target and reach our core audience without restriction. We were also able to deliver that asset to other media owners to further increase the scale.”

Alice Bartlett, Digital Account Director, Target Digital

The SDK, which is the lightest available on the market, is easy to integrate, and allows publishers to easily host the most engaging video format available on the market.

360o video uses the device’s gyroscope functionality to allow users to immerse themselves within video content, driving deep engagement and brand affinity. Whether it’s exploring back stage at a concert, the dugout at a football match or taking in the view from Everest, this exciting format delivers outstanding brand experiences.

The format requires a video file created specifically for a 360o video advertising experience.

The video is recorded using a special camera and ‘wrapped’ in a sphere. This means users explore the video from the inside, allowing them to view every angle, rather than viewing from one fixed point.


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When a device shows a 360o creative it zooms in to show 1/10 of the image, allowing users to explore the other 9/10 using the gyroscope.

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To learn more about 360o video campaigns or LoopMe’s SDK, email