Published date: Monday, 23 May 2016

Press: CMO - Supercharging with AI

Stephen Upstone writes in CMO

Digital marketers still struggle to ensure the entirety of their campaigns deliver ROI and that impressions aren’t wasted. How can artificial intelligence change that for mobile video ads?

Digital advertising has a great advantage over offline media such as TV, in that campaign results and tracking can be implemented on every single impression, not just on a fixed subset of the population. In theory, therefore, it should be easy to get the most out of an advertising campaign but, in practice, this is not always the case. What’s holding it back?

1. Non-Human Impressions
To ensure all impressions are being seen by humans, it’s important to partner with a third-party verification company. These partners can vet ad tech platforms to assess the quality of their traffic—only those classed as premium should be used to run branded content. Each campaign can then overlay tracking to ensure it is being shown to human viewers. By implementing tracking, brands can guarantee at least 98% of their impressions are being shown to real people who would be able to view their advertising.

2. Viewability On Mobile
The next step is to make sure the campaign is viewable. Viewability on desktop has been discussed in great depth, but the industry has been slower to react to mobile. This is partly because viewability issues on mobile can be caused by a number of factors, including Internet connection at the time an ad was served, but also because it has been difficult to track both mobile Web and in-app, as well as a lack of industry-wide standards. With new MRC (Media Rating Council) guidelines due for release shortly, viewability will become easier to monitor on mobile.

Until the new regulations are brought into place, brands can vastly improve viewability by using mobile formats which are full screen and user initiated, ensuring a viewer will have seen and engaged with the advertising. They should also use third-party tracking to receive actionable insights into which provider delivers the best viewability scores.

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