Published date: Thursday, 14 April 2016

Mobile Soars - IAB 2015 Adspend Report Released

On Thursday 14th April the IAB released their biannual UK Ad Spend study revealing spend figures for 2015. Last year was an exciting year for digital, seeing a 16.4% increase in overall spend, notably also the highest growth rate since 2008. Overall digital adspend now totals £8.6bn – a consistently growing figure.

This growth has been bolstered by the gains in mobile adspend, which soared by 60.3% over the course of the year to hit £2.65bn– now accounting for 30.5% of all UK digital advertising. Mobile has secured itself as a dominant player in the digital advertising space, and going forward marketers will undoubtedly factor it as an even more significant part of their campaigns and strategies.

Even within mobile, video and display has progressed massively. Over the course of the year, adspend on mobile video rose from £179m to £353m – a 98% increase. 55% of all standard display adspend is now on rich media formats – a growth of 11% since 2014. Marketers are moving towards more sophisticated and exciting ad formats capable of being delivered to devices.

All of this comes during an exciting time for mobile. Smartphones are now the most popular internet device (with an average of 2.1 per household) and a 21 percent increase in smartphone ownership since 2014.

For the first time, programmatic spend was factored into a separate category within the report. What is clear is just how significant programmatic spend is for both mobile and the digital space. By 2019, the IAB expect for programmatic to account for 80-90% of all UK display adspend, and potentially even higher for mobile video. At the moment this figure the total spend is £0.35bn around 71%, with 47% on direct and 24% on indirect.

The stats were an exciting continuation of the existing trend, with Tim Elkington, CSO at the IAB, noting ‘The increasing array of devices people use to go online has helped digital ad spend hit another gear as advertisers look to reach them and time spent online increases. Smartphones are the major driving force behind this, as people increasingly use them for activities they used to do on desktop, from searching and shopping to social and watching video.’

You can read the full adspend report on the IAB website here.