Published date: Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Holy Trinity of Mobile - A LoopMe Educational Breakfast

LoopMe held their first Publisher event on Tuesday morning, focusing on the Holy Trinity of Mobile – Video, Data and AI.

The event saw a fantastic range of speakers from a range of backgrounds giving their expert opinions on the best practices for mobile advertising, focusing on video and data. Topics touched upon included 360 video, vertical video and virtual reality, among others.

Rhys Denny, Senior Director BD at LoopMe, gave the opening presentation discussing the highlights and challenges of the mobile publishing industry. He was followed by Dilip Shukla (co-founder of Samba Networks) and Chetan Damani (Managing Director at

The IAB’s Jon Mew hosted a fireside chat with Lauren Dick, head of mobile at Mail Online. With 77% of the Mail’s traffic coming from mobile sources, Lauren delved into the strategies and plans for the Mail going forward and how they are adjusting to their new audiences.

We rounded off the morning with a panel featuring our guest speakers and Stephen Upstone, CEO of LoopMe, exploring key topics such as adblocking in even more detail. What was clear was that while key challenges remain, the mobile advertising industry is still innovating and adapting – ready to evolve with exciting new features for audiences and publishers.

You can find the presentations given on the day here.
Also, don’t miss our event video featuring interviews with some of our panelists.

Watch this space for more events from LoopMe!